We are offering consultations regarding market entry strategy, market analytics, management of the business portfolio, insights about the customers and target audiences, competitive insights, vendor management, selection of partner and a lot more.

Fixation of strategy regarding market entrance

  • Life cycle of a product
  • Current world position of the service
  • The strategy for fixing the price
  • Management of the regulatory scenarios

Analysis of the target market

  • Delivering a list of the best channels for maximizing the sales
  • Evaluating the threats and weaknesses
  • Distribution routes of the competitors
  • Due diligence of the potential distributors
  • Analyzing the industry value chain to assess risk, cost, and profitability

Management of the business portfolio

  • Provision of a macro-level analysis
  • Analysis at a granular level
  • Benchmark the businesses
  • Growth opportunities for your business

In-depth view regarding customers

  • Signify the target customers
  • Analysis of the customer demand
  • Analysis of the customer segmentation
  • Positioning of the product

Insight about the competitors

  • Analyzing the competitor’s profile signifying the financial performance, services, strategic initiatives as well as distribution channels
  • Delivering SWOT, Porter’s analysis & PESTEL
  • Identifying the merging, acquisition & partnerships

Vendor management as well as management of merging & partner selection

  • Strategic recommendation
  • Delivering report about the industry value chain
  • Lining the profit margins as well as earning opportunities utilizing the forward and backward integration
  • Signifying the suitable vendors as well as channels
  • Provision of benchmarking of the vendors

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