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DroneDeploy’s revolutionary launch on Intelligent Cloud Photogrammetry

Published Date | 2018 September 12

United States: DroneDeploy comes up with its latest launch Intelligent Cloud Photogrammetry that is first of its kind in the industry. This is basically machine learning-driven photogrammetry software. DroneDeploy is optimistic that this product will have a revolutionary impact on the global market. The product is named as Map Engine. High resolution maps and 3D models are being generated by Map Engine using the data collected from drone imagery. The latest technology can be applied to various fields like energy, agriculture infrastructure and construction, all round surveys etc. The product will deliver high quality results which reduces a customer’s expenditure on hardware and maintenance. According to Nicholas Pilkington, CTO of DroneDeploy, MapEngine has an ability to track billions of reference points in aerial images and it will simultaneously reconstruct 3D views along with the drone trajectory. Some of the advanced technologies -cloud computing, computer vision, and machine learning have been coupled together to come up with a product that has the ability deliver accurate results in result time. The company comes up with the product after successfully processing around 30k maps on a monthly basis. The company operates in more than 150 countries .As per DroneDeploy these experiences has propelled the launch of their latest product. MapEngine builds maps and models 30-50% faster than the earlier versions. Around hundred distinctive images can be processed in an hour. According to specific industries catered higher accuracy can be achieved in results. For instance, industries like agriculture, construction and surveys need accurate results. As the product is cloud based so an ocean of data can be stored and processed. According to BlueWeave consulting insights, MapEngine the latest launch by DroneDeploy will have a positive impact on the U.S. as well as the global market. The major purpose served is higher accuracy in case of resultant image formation. The simultaneous facility served by the product is making 3D scenes models from the data collected from drone imagery. According to recently published report by BlueWeave Consulting, on “Global Aerial Imagery Market” the factors that enhances the global aerial imagery market are Clear and  accurate imagery, widespread adoption of drones and other technologies , increase in natural  calamities and latest technological advancements in the field of aerial imagery. As per the findings of the research, government vertical have been the largest revenue generators in the global aerial imagery market. The major reason behind that is accurate and vivid data that can be accounted for distinctive government works. For instance the