Information And Communication Technology (ICT)

The global smart building market is gaining significant traction owing to the rising adoption of advanced technologies, including IoT and AI. In addition, better utilization of resources and space is propelling market growth.

The global anti-money laundering tools market is anticipated to grow owing to the rising number of government policies to tackle money laundering cases including, anti-corruption strategies. Additionally, a growing number of suspicious activities around the world are bolstering the demand for anti-money laundering tools, thereby strengthening the market.

In India, cyber-attacks and data breaches have risen, leading to a growing cyber security market. As the use of the internet increases in the country, cybersecurity solutions are expected to become more prevalent.

The growth of Japan's cyber security market is attributable to the rising investments from the government authorities of the country. Furthermore, the growing number of data breaching incidents across Japan, and growing geopolitical tensions with China are also propelling the market forward...

As the number of cyber-attacks has expanded at an unprecedented rate, security solutions have gained traction across Vietnam. While antivirus software and firewalls have become more complex over time, they have shown to be effective in blocking threats and attacks.

The global image sensor market is gaining significant traction because of the growing demand for high-resolution cameras in smartphones and tablets. The expanding application of image sensors in various industries such as security and surveillance, automotive, medical, etc. is also powering its market growth.

United States data center market is flourishing because of the presence of tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc., and increasing investment towards the construction of new hyperscale and colocation data centers.

Cybersecurity in the United States is experiencing a rapid growth rate due to the concentration of technology giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc., which are significantly investing in adopting strong cybersecurity services.

There has been an explosion in the number of cyberattacks against businesses in the Middle East, resulting in financial losses and data thefts. This is the reason why Middle East cloud computing market is registering a healthy growth.

Mexico cyber security market is driven by the increasing rate of cyberattacks in the country and growing investments towards adoption of cybersecurity by various industry verticals such as manufacturing, IT, healthcare, retail, etc., as well as government.