With increased flexibility and improved functionality of Smart home appliances are going to propel the global Kitchenware & Housewares Market

Published | August 2019

Advanced Remote control features of smart appliances are making them more flexible and popular among consumers. Depending on the utilization of smart appliance technology, it provides more precise control over the heating and cooling with a programmable smart thermostat that helps to absorb schedule and temperature preferences. Improved functionality of smart appliances delivers high energy-efficient solutions that help consumers to reduce their electricity and fuel bills. Smart kitchenware and housewares appliances are more energy-efficient as compared to the traditional one that is helping the market grow at a steady growth rate over the forecast period.


According to BlueWeave Consulting, Global Kitchenware & Housewares Market is anticipated to rise at a significant growth rate during the forecast period. Owing to modernization in style and design of appliances which attracts most to the consumers. Multi-functional and well-designed appliance demand is high due to rising consumer consciousness. Manufacturers are investing in innovations and technology to meet the demand of consumers. Traditional kitchen appliances are time-consuming, improvement in modern technology helps to reduce the time consumption. Modern appliances offer extra features, user-friendly, more durability and efficiency. Online distribution channels are helping young working consumer groups to reduce their stress of shopping as they have hectic schedules. It offers them to shop online due to easy convenience and doorstep facilities with replacement and return warranties. These are the prominent dynamics enhancing the growth of the global Kitchenware & Housewares market.


Among Product type. The cookware product market holds the largest market share of the market during the forecast period


The cookware product segment is fastest growing the market and expected to grow at a momentous growth rate over the forecast period. On accounts of a high range of durability provided by good stainless-steel tools that last for a long time. It also offers a good Cooking Ability. Multi-ply stainless-steel offers excellent cooking performance with fast heat absorption and uniformly heat. Cookware is very easy to wash due to its smooth, non-porous and rigid surface. Cookware is safe to use as it allows cooking of acidic recipes, without concerning about the taste and risk of leaching any harmful chemicals. 


Among the distribution channel, Supermarkets/food stores segment is the fastest-growing market which captured the largest share during the forecast period


The Supermarket/food stores segment is the leading segment as compared to others during the forecast period. Supermarkets are the most preferred distribution channel as it offers personalized consideration and reference by sales staff. It also provides an easy return process of damaged products as compared to online retail channels. There is no requirement of waiting 3-4 days to buy a product with Supermarkets or Food Stores. The online distribution channel is also multiplying with the expansion of e-commerce platforms. One major drawback of online shopping is that you cannot physically check the product which is a bit unsafe.


Europe is the leading region of the global Kitchenware & Housewares market over the forecast period


Europe is a prominent region of the kitchenware market & Housewares Market during the forecast period. Owing to demographic, economic and technological growth in the region. Smart appliances are rapidly gaining popularity in the region due to easy accessibility & advancement in appliance technology. Cultivating Internet access and easy operability from isolated locations via technology are subsidizing the growth of the market. An escalation in health awareness coupled with the obtainability of a wide range of cooking recipes online or through social media is enforcing customers to favor homemade food. These has caused a higher demand for time-saving and convenient cooking appliances. Furthermore, the higher income levels have also supported customers to move forward to buy a product with better features and brand value

Global Kitchenware & Housewares market Competitive Landscape

Companies such as Conair Corporation ARC International SA, International Cookware SAS, Lock & Lock Co Ltd, Groupe SEB, Tupperware Brands Corporation, Avon Products, Inc. Libbey Inc., Pacific Market International, Zepter International SA, Inter Ikea Systems B.V., and The Oneida Group are key players in the industries.

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