United States P25 Public Safety Land Mobile Radio System Market is driven by technological advancement by the implementation of encryption or messaging

Published | September 2019

P25 radios are replacing analog UHF radios. It allows data and voice transfer. P25 standards use the exclusive Improved Multi-Band Excitation (IMBE) and Advanced Multi-Band Excitation (AMBE+2) voice codecs. To encode/decode the analog audio signals these systems include standardized service and facility specifications. Capabilities include backward compatibility and interoperability with another system, across system boundaries, and regardless of system infrastructure. Furthermore, the P25 suite of standards offers an open edge to the radio frequency (RF) subsystem to simplify the interlinking of different dealers’ systems.

BlueWeave Consulting reviews that, United States P25 Public safety land Mobile Radio System Market is expected to witness momentous growth rate over the forecast period. Owing to advanced features such as high quality and security, double spectral efficiency, higher data bandwidths, Simultaneous voice and data, Fast call setup, Half-duplex and full-duplex communications, multiple real-time data services (status, short data, circuit mode data, and packet mode data) and emergency calls. All features help to enhance public safety and security. With the increased range of frequency, it covers remote areas and also fulfills the transportation communication requirements such as railway signaling, creates voice communications between control centers, depots, and passengers. Additionally, for increasing the range of low VHF signal, a major component of P25 Public Safety Land Mobile Radio Systems known as the repeater is installed which ultimately increases the overall cost of the P25 Public Safety Land Mobile Radio system. PoC is a service option which is designed for cellular phone network and enables subscribers to use their P25 Public Safety land mobile radio with unlimited range along with the functionality to connect instantly. An important advantage of using it is the ability which enables a single person to reach to an active talk group by pressing a single button and the user need not to make several calls in order to coordinate with a group. The advance features is making the market more lucrative for the users thereby, aiding to the demand for P25 Public Safety Land mobile radio systems.

Among product type Portable P25 Public Safety Land Mobile Radio (LMR) System segment holds the largest market share during the forecast period

Portable P25 Public Safety Land Mobile Radio (LMR) System segment is the leading segment and expected to occupy the highest market share over the forecast period. Owing to advancement in communication networking technology and cost-effectiveness. Further, public safety organizations require an advanced solution for flexible communication with high audio quality and better reportage.

Among Frequency type, UHF holds the largest market share during the forecast period

UHF frequency-based P25 Land Mobile Radio Systems is the leading segment due to the rapid pace of UHF transmission. It plays a crucial role in operation in the mission-critical public safety applications and is perfect for use in the urban environment.

United States P25 Public Safety Land Mobile Radio Systems Market Competitive Landscape

Companies such as Motorola Solutions ,Harris Corporation, B. K. Technologies Inc., Icom Incorporated, JVC Kenwood Corporation, Codan Limited, Airbus DS Communications Inc., Sepura, Simoco Wireless Solutions and Tait Communications are key players in the industries.

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