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Air purifier a luxury or necessity in India

Published Date | 2018 August 2

Blueair is gearing up to launch a new range of air-purifiers at lower price points. The first product in the series called the Blueair Joy S. According to Blueair, the product is targeted for a wide range of customers. These air purifier will serve as the perfect fit for Indian market.
India: India is a developing country. A lot of development and constructional work is carried out throughout the country. We are more or less aware of the effects of air pollution and the health hazards related to it. Generally AQI(Air Quality Index) stats are referred for denoting the pollution levels in India. Now the question arises are we safe within the four walls. Experts suggest the composition of indoor air is different from outside. A study by the environmental studies department of Delhi University suggests that in most of the houses due to unscientific ventilation and design – VOCs and particulate matter(PM) gets trapped within and can lead up to respiratory and lung disorders. Thus, India should serve as a potential market for air purifiers, but the purchasing power in India is not as high as some countries in Europe or North America. The average cost of a standard product in Europe is £300. Blueair has a futuristic view of reaching out to Indian cities other than the metro’s. According to a data released by the WHO, a good number of cities in India is severely affected by air pollution, Delhi topping the list. The new launch is in alignment with the company’s vision to increase the penetration of its air-purifiers in Indian market. The first product of the series will come up with the name the ‘Blueair Joy S’. According to Blueair, ‘Joy s’ will be the perfect product for Indian market. The most defining aspect is that the price point is lowered without compromising with the quality. Blueair Joy S is priced at ₹14,999 and is nearly 60 per cent lower than the company’s existing entry price. The product is designed in accordance with a moderate sized bedroom. Awareness among consumers regarding pollution is growing outside the metro’s. According to Blueair India is one of the fastest growing markets in air purifiers. It is also stated that India is expected to be the second largest market for air-purifier. In India the distribution channel of Blueair’s was based on primarily offline channel, focussing on retail stores. Now the company will be form a tie-up with Amazon to reach out to a large number of customers. The newly launched product will come up with energy efficient technology and the formulated HEPA technology. BlueWeave’s Insight on Air Purifiers Market
  • The most eminent development would be to come up with affordable new range of products.
  • A lot of advancements are done to manufacture the product in India.
  • Start-up companies are coming up with improved and cost effective products. They are giving a tough competition to the prevailing brands.
  • According to a data released by the WHO a good number of cities in India is severely affected by air pollution.
  • Awareness among consumers regarding pollution is growing and this will drive the market.
According to the recently published report by BlueWeave ConsultingGlobal Air purifier Market by Technology type (HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air), Activated Carbon, UV, Negative Ion and Others), by Product type (Portable Air Purifiers, Whole-House Air Purifiers and Cleaners, Electrostatic Precipitators, Smart air purifier and others), Forecast& Opportunities, 2014-2024”, India market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR over FY 50% during FY2018-FY2024. The air purifier market in India has grown due to rising awareness of air purifier products, growing focus on health issues coupled with increase spend on life style products.