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Growing concern over the environment and carbon emissions drives the global demand and production of EV charging cables. In addition, the emergence of private-public partnerships in establishing charging infrastructure in different regions to promote the use of electric vehicles propels the market forward.

The global anti-money laundering tools market is anticipated to grow owing to the rising number of government policies to tackle money laundering cases including, anti-corruption strategies. Additionally, a growing number of suspicious activities around the world are bolstering the demand for anti-money laundering tools, thereby strengthening the market.

Several factors are driving the growth of the Asia-Pacific Thermal Paper system market, including changes in the retail landscape, the growing demand for convenience food, and technological advances in the cold chain market. Read on to learn more about the factors propelling the market forward.

The growth of the global automotive turbocharger market is attributed to the increasing need for fuel efficiency and advanced engine performance in vehicles along with rising demand for light-weight vehicles along with surging demand for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles.

The United States hand sanitizer market is driven by rising prevalence of infectious diseases in the country and high awareness and stringent government regulations regarding hygiene and sanitation in healthcare facilities.

The United States tire market is gaining significant traction due to high disposable income and increasing private vehicle ownership. Additionally, the rising focus on safety and maintenance, along with new technologies being introduced in tires, such as smart tires, are driving the market forward.

The global smart pulse oximeters market is flourishing at a high rate owing to the rapid technological advancements in the medical industry. Additionally, increasing penetration of smartphones, along with increasing geriatric population and the increasing need for home health care, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak are propelling the market forward.

The North America household water treatment system market is anticipated to flourish due to the rising demand for household water treatment systems as a result of increasing water pollution and population influx in urban areas.

Japan electric vehicle market is flourishing at a high rate due to the rising fuel prices in the country. Additionally, the presence of leading electric vehicle manufacturers in Japan, along with rapid technological advancements, such as the introduction of AI and IoT into EVs are also driving market growth.