Energy And Power

India Solar Water Pump Market is surging at a significant growth rate mainly due to the increased use of renewable energy sources for solar water pump systems that are utilized more frequently to enhance market value of the water being pumped.

Rapidly increasing demand for clean energy that in results fewer environmental concerns is expected to drive likely to drive global power plant control systems market with an increasing use of renewable plant control systems during the forecast period.

The City Gas Distribution (CGD) market in India is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 10% from an estimated 9,223 MMSCM (Million Metric Standard Cubic Meters) in 2020 to 25,570 MMSCM by 2030.

UAE diesel generator set market’s significant growth is linked to the rising demand for primary and secondary power sources, particularly in residential structures, retail establishments, office buildings, hospitals, and lodging facilities.

Rapidly growing petrochemical industry, development of non-oil industrial sector, expansion of infrastructure-related activities, and significant investments in the power transmission and distribution sectors would contribute to the growth of switchgear market in Saudi Arabia.

An increasing adoption rate of battery-powered vehicles, due to growing eco-consciousness and convenient transportation, could help in the expansion of Saudi Arabia four wheeler battery market.

India Solar Microinverter Market is flourishing owing to India power generation sector’s rapid transformation from fossil fuels to sustainable, clean, dependable, and economical power sources, and government regulations and incentives for the power generation from renewable energy sources.

Increasing spent on house reconstruction and modernization for the protection from scorching Sun, beautification of buildings, and expansion of living space; technology advancements in fabric material and mechanism; and an increasing number of smart city projects across the world are fueling the growth of global solar shading systems market.

India Renewable Energy Market is growing owing to the depletion of non-renewable resources like fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas), growing concern of rising carbon emissions, and government’s commitment to control pollution and global warming by use of renewable sources of energy like wind, water, sunlight.

India Portable Power Station Market is flourishing owing to aging electricity grid infrastructure, increasing use of power in remote places, and growing use of smart grid services.