NEXT Biometrics to come up with simpler, faster and customized biometric solution in collaboration with Neurotechnology

Published Date | 2018 September 12

NEXT Biometrics, a global leader in fingerprint sensor technology, announced purchase of a source code license for the FingerCell algorithm from Neurotechnology, a developer of high-precision algorithms and software
  United States: NEXT, A global market leader in fingerprint sensor technology has made a collaboration with Neurotechnology that develops high-clarity algorithms and software and a range of products for biometric fingerprint, iris, palm print, face and voice identification as well as AI, computer vision, object recognition and robotics., in order to tailor-made the data that is pulled from the biometric device according to the specific customer requirements. This will ensure the speedy recovery and security of data and will have a positive impact on the market in the near future. BiometricsIn this era of technology boom, the industry is undergoing a paradigm shift every now and then. One of the major concerns to deal with, in this time of technology advancements, is the threat to secure the data and to have the control on the gamut of data that is getting piled up within the database. In the light of technology innovations and in order to address the abovementioned issues, next has announced its purchase of a source code license in order to get the access for the FingerCell algorithm from a company named as Neurotechnology that develops software and high-precision algorithms. The algorithms will allow the solution developers to swiftly change the fingerprint sensor technology of NEXT Biometrics into customized products for enhanced performance. This collaboration will help NEXT to support its customers in originating innovative biometric devices and systems. Moreover, it will directly place the advanced sensor technology under the fingertips of end-users, giving them more control over the data. The collaboration will also ensure the data security, as both Neurotechnology and next are committed to the industry standards. The products that will utilise the FingerCell algorithm allow export and import of International Standards Organization (ISO) on-card comparison and fingerprint templates with mainstream operating systems and secure elements. Furthermore, the algorithm will diversifies the portfolio of product offerings by NEXT beyond the fine print sensor technology as it will introduce embedded modules and readers that can be perfectly integrated into customer solutions in the government ID, access control, and smart card and notebook market segments. By planning to work on one software tool, the license from Neurotechnology helps NEXT to simplify its algorithm offerings and the growth of end-products. According to BlueWeave Consulting, the threat of Data security and losing control over the data is something that needs to be addressed in the era of technology advancements and innovations. Thus, the customization of data and the availability of these algorithms to decode the data for more control on it is something that can change the entire technology ecosystem of data on the cloud. The vulnerability of keeping data within the mercy of devices and solutions beyond human control has its own limitations but as it is said change is the only constant. In a nutshell, it can be said that the change in technology will itself bring the solutions for the problems that the resultant change brings forth with it. Therefore, the technology innovations for data security and data control will drive the Information and technology market in the upcoming years