AI Supported systems to back-up the Automotive Industry in coming years. Hyundai, India gained its highest market share !

  • Published | 04 February 2021

The rise in adoption of AI-systems in the Automotive industry has backed up Hyundai India’s growth even more amidst the Lockdown period, giving it a ground-breaking record of the highest ever monthly production of 71,000 units in December 2020, pushing their existing capacity by 20%.

AI in Automotive IndustryWhen most of the automotive industry struggled in the COVID lockdown period, due to shortage of parts, absence of human resources, and the inability to import and export materials services & services the Hyundai, India was flourishing via upgrading their manufacturing plant to 4th-Gen robotics along phase-2 of Industry 4.0; which took an investment sum of USD 300.628 Million.

Though this has also led to several changes in devising protocols for the manufacturing processes, costing more than 3,00,000 man-hours and about 7,200 changes at the production line to prep it up for all AI-able manufacturing. It has resulted in a rapid & efficient production rate coming out of the lockdown, as most of the industry players were trying to regain its market value, Hyundai, India gained its highest market share of 17.4% in 2020 becoming the leader in the SUV space in 2021 being upfront to Maruti Suzuki, Kia Motors, and Mahindra & Mahindra.

Artificial intelligence is one of the major keys to enlighten the success of the automotive industry in upcoming years also helping the market to grow even in the COVID period. AI enhances the systems by enabling autonomous vehicles to transform research, design, innovation, feasibility, and manufacturing processes.

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