Amazon SEO gaining more importance than Google SEO

  • Published | 26 September 2018
The SEO of Amazon is gaining more importance for product searches than Google SEO and this is expected to change the whole scenario and industry of information technology.
Global: Amazon has been gaining more importance in the product searches than Google and now it has dethroned Google with over 54% of all types of product searches happening now on Amazon which used to earlier take place in Google. This means that brands should make sure that their priority to show up on the top for product searches and related keywords should be Amazon and not Google. This is going to change the way things have been working for years and have a significant effect on the information technology market. Amazon is gradually becoming more of a place for the discovery of products for customers while Google is shifting from just product discovery to more of considered purchase. When people want to understand about a product’s pricing, quality or the brands name they are again going back to Google from Amazon. There has been a strong growth in the number of placements that are sponsored to put in their site. The percentage of the product view that gets emanated from a single sponsored click has in the last 18 months from 3% to 7%. Google and Amazon are both converging. According to the analysis of the Jumpshot research company the time taken by a consumer to search a product on either Amazon or Google and then buy was actually shorted on Google. Around 35% of the purchases were made within 5 days on Google while Amazon saw only 20% of purchase. According to BlueWeave Consulting, a change is taking place in the SEO searches of products. Amazon has taken over Google in the product searches segment with over 54% of all types of product searches taking place on Amazon. So, people aren’t messing around with other options like banner ads or placements, they are simply typing their search for a product and getting a result on Amazon. Brands now know that majority of the customers are searching for their brands and products in Amazon. With so many brands, competition is more and thus, every brand should try to increase the organic results of searches for their brand and products or pay to get the searches. The situation is quite similar to that of Google, when it first started to dominate the online behaviour of people. Thus a shift in trend will be seen in the product searches segment along with brands shifting their priority from Google to Amazon search.