BASF SE opens up a new lab at the Munster site for Automotive OEM Coatings

  • Published | 19 September 2018

A new modular lab has been developed by BASF SE at their Munster site to optimise and efficiently use their resources in the making of automotive OEM coatings which will increase their production and allow them to grow further in future.

  United States: The coating division of BASF has opened up a new laboratory at their site in Munster, Germany for automotive OEM coatings. The concept of modular “Lean Lab” intents to ensure digitalised, optimised and transparent processes along with efficient use of the resources are done in the area of the laboratory across the whole of Europe. The usage of processes that are standardised and automated and the discrete working of the employees at the lab enables BASF to meet the requirements of the future market in a more flexible and quick manner. With the advent of the new laboratory the company is expected to grow significantly in the foreseeable future. BASF collaborates very closely with all the key manufacturers of the automotive industry across the globe to develop advance technologies in the coating segment. According to Dirk Bremm, President of BASF’s coating division said that optimised usage of resources, digitalisation of the processes and automation has allowed them to respond and address to the needs of their customers in a more efficient way. BASF has invested around 24 million euros since 2014 to completely renovate one of their existing laboratory buildings which they wanted to use for this purpose. The building now has four airy and bright laboratory levels with state-of-the-art as well as spacious workplaces that are all linked digitally. Isolated work processes are designed intelligently to foster developments of customer-specific products, manufacture samples of paints and perform application tests. Optimised concept of logistics also ensures that all materials for the daily work are available which impacts resource efficiency positively. All the orders of jobs and the experiments associated with them that take place in the place are stored and documented digitally which enables transparency, knowledge transfer and reproducibility among the various individual sites. Mr. Wolfgang Reckordt, Product Development, Europe Automotive OEM Coatings at BASF Coatings Division said, “The Lean Lab in Munster is our pilot project. Since late 2017, we have been gathering experience that we can use for introducing the Lean Lab at other sites in Europe: in Wurzburg, Germany; Guadalajara, Spain; and Clermont, France. Lean Lab is our new European standard and will open up many possibilities for us to intensify product development and respond flexibly to new challenges.” According to the market insights of BlueWeave Consulting, the market for automotive coatings is growing. The introduction of digitalisation by BASF is one of the steps towards rapid growth in the industry. Everyone is affected by digitalisation and Lean Lab by BASF perfectly explains how some occupations such as that of a technician, who is there in the laboratory for coating, are becoming advanced. The optimised processes related to coating promote various innovate and customised development in the segment and the industry as a whole. BASF is an expert in the development, production as well as marketing of sustainable yet innovative Automotive OEM coatings. Thus, this new concept of the Lean Lab will drive the growth of the company in the coating segment and help it expand as a whole. This in turn will also have a positive impact on the global automotive OEM coatings market which is rising and with this innovation it is expected to have a significant growth in the years to come. According to the upcoming report by BlueWeave Consulting on “Global Automotive Plastic Market, 2018-2025”, the market for the engineered plastic for automotive is growing rapidly at a significant rate with a CAGR of over 11%.The report also focuses on the growth of the market size, the per cent of share it has and is expected to have. The report also gives information about the product and its application and how it is estimated to grow during the forecasted period. With the increase in the sales of automotive plastic, automotive OEM coatings market is also expected to grow since OEM coatings are used to paint various automotive parts made of plastics.