Connected appliances: Haier is betting heavily on smart home solutions across India

  • Published | 12 March 2020
From AI-enabled smart TVs to smart refrigerators and Wi-Fi-enabled washing machines, Haier is exhibiting its expertise for next-gen customers in innovation.

Haier is concerted in his attempts to lead the IoT era in the home appliances industry. Recently, the primary home appliances and consumer electronics unveiled a whopping 83 items in different categories, from Wi-Fi-powered dual drum super silent washing machine to Google Certified bezel-less Smart LED TVs and interactive wired refrigerator. Haier displayed its engineering prowess at an event in Hyderabad on 11 March 2020. The company launched products ranging from air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, microwaves, deep freezers, and water heaters.

Some of the leading IoT and AI-driven products include Android and Google Certified Smart LED TVs, and Wi-Fi activated washing machines, the latest Clean Cool range of ACs, and smart refrigerators with a door-installed LED screen, among others. Haier has an extensive network of service and distributors with more than 539 service centers in over 19,000 pin codes across India. It has 20,000 dealers in India, with about 2,000 being direct dealers and 18,000 being indirect.

Eric Braganza, president, Haier Appliances India, said at the event, "The home appliances industry has begun an era of IoT, and new technologies wherein customers are looking for products which provide a connected and holistic new-age experience. The products displayed at the event were highlighting Haier's success in the category of home appliances and consumer durables." He further added, "The brand seeks to further improve its offerings across categories, along with a stronger Indian dealer base."

Company officials said Haier would kick off this year's summer season with the introduction of 29 new air conditioners to meet its customers ' diverse expectations and desires. This year in 2020, the company is extending its PuriCool collection of ACs, with an updated version launching. Other than the built-in iFD air purifier, the newly valued 5-star range is Wi-Fi allowed and knitted with excellent voice support.

Haier unveiled eight new washing machine SKUs, including the first-ever Front Load Smart Washing Machine with the Super Drum. It is not only allowed by Wi-Fi but also boasts the most massive drum in the industry: 595 mm, making it one of the most potent products in this category. It is fitted with the latest technologies from Haier's Direct Motion engine.

The brand also introduced its other Front Load Dual Drum Washing Machine powered Wi-Fi, which can be controlled through the Haier Smart Home application.