Google has revealed fresh enhancements for Android Auto and Cars

  • Published | 18 January 2024

In 2023, nearly 200 million cars were newly redesigned with Android Auto which brings the best features of phone into car. Where one can access thousands of media, messaging, navigation, parking and charging apps right from there car display

Google Android for Auto and CarsIn October 2023, Porsche and Google have announced plans to expand their partnership by integrating Google services more deeply into Porsche vehicles. The automaker intends to leverage Google's technology to provide navigation, speech, and app ecosystem services in future vehicle generations. The intended start of production for this integration of the Google ecosystem is the middle of the decade. The collaboration will include the integration of Google Maps, Google Assistant, and a variety of apps available through the Google Play Store. Porsche customers will continue to enjoy the familiar user interface of the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system, which provides regular online updates to ensure that the PCM system is always up to date.

In September 2023, Google has released an update to its Android Auto and Built-In applications, which now support a wider range of apps and features. Among the new additions are Amazon Prime Video, Zoom, and The Weather Channel, among others. This latest update has brought the ability to access audio calls on Zoom and WebEx using Android Auto, allowing drivers to participate in scheduled meetings and conference calls while driving, without the need for a separate device. Additionally, Google has announced that Prime Video will be available on the Google Play Store for select Renault, Volvo, and Polestar vehicles. These updates are expected to improve the convenience and functionality of these applications for users who rely on them for their daily needs.

In September 2023, Google Cloud has announced a strategic partnership with Continental, a technology company, aimed at creating innovative, flexible, and future-oriented digital solutions for the automotive industry. The partnership seeks to leverage Continental's expertise in automotive technology and Google's data and AI technologies to develop next-generation, user-focused, safe, and efficient automotive solutions. The partnership is also expected to expand in the future, with the goal of creating greater in-car connectivity and experiences for customers.

In May 2023, Cisco's Webex has joined forces with Google to integrate its meeting services with Android Auto, a mobile application that mirrors an Android smartphone's screen on a car's dashboard. According to Google, more than 200 million vehicles will be connected to Android Auto, creating a vast market for Webex's services. Webex has indicated that its meetings will be limited to audio-only, a feature aimed at keeping drivers focused on the road, reducing distractions, and promoting safe driving. This partnership is expected to enhance communication and collaboration in the business and academic spheres while prioritizing road safety.