Maple Leaf extract can potentially prevent the occurrence of wrinkles on skin

  • Published | 28 September 2018
Researchers from University of Rhode, have discovered that an extract from maple leaf can prevent wrinkles by blocking the activity of enzyme elastase, responsible for aging process, including wrinkles
United States: Native Americans were always using leaves from red maple trees as a traditional medicine. The researchers planned to work on the other benefits that maple leaves might offer. They found out that leaf extracts from red maple trees could block the activity of elastase that boosts the aging process and results in wrinkles. Therefore, the research will have a positive impact on the anti-aging product market. Maple LeafMaple trees are best known for their health benefits of syrup and sap, extracted from sugar maple and red maple trees, respectively. However, the researchers felt that other parts of the trees might be beneficial as well and discovered the deep action of maple leaf on skin. Skin elasticity is sustained by proteins, including elastin. Wrinkles appear on skin when enzyme elastase breaks down elastin present in skin during aging process. Thus, the researchers studied and observed whether leaf extracts from red maple trees could potentially stop the activity of elastase and got positive result. During the study on maple leaf, they zeroed in on phenolic compounds present in the leaves, known as glucitol-core-containing gallotannins (GCGs) and scanned each compound's ability to deter elastase activity within a test tube. The researchers further observed how GCGs act together with elastase to deter its activity, and how the molecules' structures affect that delaying ability. GCGs, made up of multiple galloyl groups were more active than those with only one galloyl group. Moreover, they discovered that these compounds can do more than hamper the activity of elastase, since GCGs can lighten dark spots and protect skin from inflammation, including unwanted freckles or age spots. According to BlueWeave Consulting, growing life expectancy and declining birth rate are the major causes of aging process, that include formation of wrinkle on skin that distort the appearance and looks. Thus, technological advancement that can potentially offer anti-aging treatments and innovative products is well-received by consumers and major skincare companies across the world. Consumers prefer natural anti-aging treatment, rather than using harsh chemical, due to increasing awareness about health and well-being. Thus, the discovery of a treatment, via leaf extract, can potentially attract consumers of anti-aging products and treatments According to a recently published report of BlueWeave Consulting, on Global Anti-Aging Market by Type of Product (Anti-Wrinkle, Hair Color, UV Absorbers, Anti-Stretch Marks and Others), by Type of Device (Radiofrequency, Laser, Anti-Cellulite and Microdermabrasion),  by Treatment (Hair Restoration, Anti-Pigmentation, Anti-Adult Acne, Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Chemical Peel and Others), by Demography (Generation X, Baby Boomer and Generation Y, Forecast to 2025, owing to growth in the aging-population, increasing anti-aging awareness campaigns, technology innovations and increasing disposable income. The major companies are merging with healthcare centers and investing on research and development to cater to the increasing consumer demand for anti-aging products and treatments, across the world. Anti-aging products are popular across the demographic cohorts, including Baby Boomer, Generation X and Generation Y due to the emerging trend of "forever young" campaign.