Microsoft buys Lobe to make it easier to build A.I. apps

  • Published | 17 September 2018
Microsoft has acquired the start-up Lobe from San Francisco to build A.I. apps in an easier way that will promulgate the A.I. market in the long run.
Global: Lobe which is a small start-up in San Francisco has been acquired by Microsoft. The main focus on making the training and deploy  artificial intelligence models easier. The terms are yet to be disclosed. Like Google, Amazon and various other technological companies, Microsoft too is focusing on adding AI to the services it offers and offering other companies with AI tools. Acquisitions have always helped the companies to add talent in a trendy field. This acquisition will have a positive impact on the ICT sector in the near future. Lobe’s service is available mostly in beta and it provides an online interface assembling of the models that do not require coding, which makes it different from what is available from some other providers. The system has the ability to make predictions which are based on data that it has trained on from various cameras, microphones and/or other input systems of data. New data can be also be generated through it. Kevin Scott, Microsoft chief technology officer announced the news by writing about it in a blog and said, “We look forward to continuing the great work by Lobe in putting AI development into the hands of non-engineers and non-experts,” Microsoft is already offering Azure Cognitive Services for speech, language and recognising images although Lobe’s team are going to keep their product working as it is in the current form. According to BlueWeave Consulting Research, Artificial Intelligence is growing day after day to make life simpler and faster. It helps in solving the simplest of concerns as well the complicated ones. As Lobe has become a part of the Microsoft team, it will be able to leverage AI researches that are world class along with a global infrastructure and decades of experience by the company people in building developer tools. This will allow them to grow rapidly and reach its full potential which will help make Lobe more intelligent and available to more people. Microsoft along with Lobe is committed in making the deep learning simpler, more understandable and also available to everyone. As the A.I. industry is growing more and more companies are shifting towards A.I. to make things simpler and automatic. Thus, this acquisition will definitely have a positive effect on both the companies and on the whole of the industry globally as well in the foreseeable future.