Revolutionizing Tomorrow's Drive: BMW's Future Unveiled with Generative AI, Augmented Reality, and Teleoperated Parking at CES 2024

  • Published | 18 January 2024

The focal point of the BMW Group's presence at CES 2024 was the in-car digital experience, encompassing both present-day innovations and a glimpse into the future. The event featured the unveiling of new infotainment products tailored for the existing BMW model portfolio, alongside demonstrations of forward-thinking development projects.

BMW's Future Unveiled with Generative AISimultaneously, the BMW Group showcased its commitment to innovation by presenting visitors with opportunities to teleoperate a BMW iX, allowing them to navigate the vehicle around the Silver Lot on the exhibition site. Attendees had the chance to experience the potential of augmented reality glasses as passengers, providing insight into future possibilities. Additionally, the event highlighted a new generative AI capability integrated into the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, powered by the Alexa large language model (LLM). This feature facilitated swift answers and how-to responses regarding vehicle features.

Frank Weber, a Member of the Board of Management responsible for BMW Group Development, emphasized BMW's commitment to both the ultimate driving machine and the ultimate digital experience. The CES presentation highlighted increased content, customization, and gaming, all supported by BMW's powerful in-house developed BMW Operating System. Weber noted the focus on future integration of augmented reality and robust artificial intelligence in enhancing human-machine interaction.

BMW Transforms Your Car into a Console: Gaming Revolution Arrives with OS 9 and ConnectedDrive Store

BMW Operating System 9, introduced in 2024, marked a shift in in-car entertainment experiences through the ConnectedDrive Store. The optional "BMW Digital Premium" offering allowed users to access an extended range of products, including on-demand vehicle functions and an evolving selection of third-party apps for music, audio, news, magazines, and gaming. The system facilitated in-car gaming experiences, with occupants having the option to use dedicated gaming controllers for added enjoyment. The debut at CES 2024 featured games like "Beach Buggy Racing 2," offering an action-packed racing experience for two players in split-screen mode. The controller link-up for BMW Operating System 9 became available over the air during 2024. BMW Digital Premium, accessible through the ConnectedDrive Store, covered in-car use of apps, data usage, and offered enhanced navigation functions and customization options.

BMW Operating Systems 8.5 and 9: Unlocking a New Era of In-Car Video Entertainment

BMW expanded its video entertainment options with the introduction of the Video App in BMW Operating Systems 8.5 and 9. In addition to the BMW Theatre Screen with Amazon Fire TV in the BMW 7 Series, users could now access a variety of video content on the central display. The integration of the DTS AutoStage Video Service powered by TiVo allowed for both live channels and on-demand media libraries, covering categories like news, sport, entertainment for kids, movies, and TV series. The platform, initially launched in the BMW 5 Series, was extended to further executive and luxury models over the air. Customers with BMW Operating System 9 could access the Video App through BMW Digital Premium, with the feature gradually rolling out to other models over 2024.

Elevating the Driving Experience: XREAL Air 2 Glasses Redefine Augmented Reality Integration.

At CES 2024, BMW showcased the integration of augmented reality (AR) glasses, demonstrating how they could enrich the driving experience. The "XREAL Air 2" glasses presented a variety of uses, including navigation instructions, hazard warnings, entertainment content, information on charging stations, and visualizations in parking situations. The AR glasses allowed for an immersive experience, seamlessly embedding information into the real-world environment. BMW's progress in AR/MR technology, developed since 2008, highlighted stable AR and mixed reality content displayed to passengers in a dynamically moving vehicle. The tracking system of the AR/MR device was linked to the vehicle's sensor data for secure integration, setting the stage for future XR experiences.

Revolutionizing Voice Assistance: Integrating Alexa Large Language Model (LLM)

The CES presentation included a joint development project with Amazon, showcasing the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant powered by the Alexa Large Language Model (LLM). The voice assistant demonstrated generative AI capabilities, providing quick instructions and answers about vehicle functions in a conversational manner. While still in development, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant showcased the potential of LLMs to offer human-like interactions and control over certain vehicle functions. Leveraging Amazon's Alexa Custom Assistant, this next-generation assistant was set to become more powerful throughout the year in vehicles with BMW Operating System 9.

Pioneering the Future of Parking: BMW Teams Up with Valeo for Teleoperated Valet Parking

BMW and Valeo announced a strategic partnership to develop next-generation automated Level 4 parking solutions, including automated valet parking (AVP). The collaboration focused on creating solutions where the vehicle autonomously searches for and maneuvers into parking spaces. Visitors at CES 2024 had the opportunity to experience teleoperated valet parking, providing complete control in challenging situations. This technology, guided by a teleoperator using live camera images, showcased potential applications in parking at events, airports, and the logistics sector. The joint development project aimed to pave the way for innovative parking solutions.

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