Cargill India's brand ‘Gemini’ ventures into rice bran oil

Published Date | 2018 September 19

The company expects the new segment to contribute 2.5-3 per cent to its overall revenue which will promulgate the consumer goods sector in the long run.
India: Cargill India declared foray into the rice bran oil segment through its Gemini brand, and said it is looking to grab 10 per cent market share in the segment in Maharashtra within one year. The company anticipates the new segment to contribute 2.5-3 per cent to its overall revenue. This will have a positive impact on the Consumer Goods sector in the years to come. According to Milind Pingle, director, sales and marketing, Cargill food business – India, “As our biggest market for Gemini is Maharashtra, we will initially launch in the state, as well as in Karnataka. We expect to achieve 10 per cent market share in Maharashtra in one year in the rice bran oil segment." As per Pingle, the company will source rice bran oil from a third party in Dhuri in Punjab. The total rice bran market in the country is one lakh tonne annually, while the total market in Maharashtra is 20,000 tonne per year. Gemini, which is in consumer brands of edible oils such as NatureFresh, Sweekar, Leonardo Olive Oil, Rath and Sunflower brand hydrogenated fats, enjoys market share of 30 per cent across all categories. The brand offers variants including vanaspati, groundnut oil, sunflower oil and soybean oil. Gemini rice bran oil will be priced competitively at around INR 125-130 per litre and circulated throughout all channels.  According to the market insights of BlueWeave Consulting, good cooking oil doesn't just add life to the most common foods, but also plays a pivotal role in our health. It could affect your cholesterol levels, alter your metabolic syndrome and if we are using the right kind of oil, it could also reduce inflammation. That is why picking the right one is so important. In the last few years, refined oil and ghee (clarified butter) have received a bad name owing to the cholesterol and heart disease alarm. For such health motives, people have become more open to tryout with new varieties of oil. On such variation that has gradually been slinking up on health charts is Rice Bran Oil. Gamma oryzanol is an extraordinary component of rice bran oil which is generated from rice bran. Rice bran oil comprises of oryzanol which extensively helps in increasing good cholesterol and dropping down the bad cholesterol. Owing to hyperlipidemia property found in Rice Bran oil, it has been verified to be beneficial for patients of nephrotic syndrome. Consumption of oryzanol products also help in prevention of various types of cancers. Rice bran bioactive components guard against tissue damage. Oryzanol contains of remedial skill which can avert body from oxidative stress allied disorders. Studies shown that oryzanol is five times as effective as vitamin E. Free radicals may cause effects to cell walls in human body. Oryzanol which is found in rice bran oil is also a dominant anti-oxidant. “Health Oil” is an emerging section. The company is looking at constructing its health and wellness portfolio in the oil as well as carbohydrates variants. The company claims Gemini rice bran oil to have 40 per cent more oryzanol as compared to any regular edible oil, which moderates bad cholesterol in the body, and is stimulated with Vitamin A, D and E. Therefore, this new venture will have a positive impact on the whole consumer goods sector and will grow significantly in the foreseeable future among the health-conscious consumers.