Global Craft Beer Market, By Product Type (Lager, Ale, Stout & Porter and Others), By Distribution (On-Trade & Off-Trade), By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America); Size and Forecast, 2014-2025

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Global Craft Beer Market: Overview

The global craft beer market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 22.76%, in value terms, during the forecast period 2018-2025. Craft Beers are produced in small breweries, using traditional methods and ingredients inspired by local taste, texture, and flavors. Moreover, it is produced in small quantity. The rising number of microbreweries across the globe produces a small amount of beer but emphasize on the quality, taste and new product innovation according to the changing palate of beer drinkers. Increasing government support for microbreweries via start-up will boost the production of craft beers in the coming years. Shifting consumer’s preferences towards a healthy lifestyle has influenced the younger population to adopt healthier beverages with low alcohol content like craft beer.

Global Craft Beer Market Size, By Product Type, 2014-2025 (USD Billion)  

Craft Beer Market

Lager is projected to be the leading segment of the overall Craft Beer Product Market during the forecast period.

On the basis of product type, the craft beer market has been segmented into Lager, Ale, Stout & Porter and Others. Lager segment dominates the global craft beer with 68.21% market share of the total craft beer market and projected to lead the market over the forecast period 2018-2025. Due to the increase in preference for lower but value based product consumption of alcohol. Moreover, the carbohydrates present in lager are beneficial for health along with other health benefits. Ale is projected to be the fastest growing craft beer market in terms of value with a CAGR over 25% for the forecast period, 2018-2025.

North America accounts for the largest share of the Global Craft Beer Market during the forecast period.

On the basis of region, the craft beer market has been segmental into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. North America dominates the world craft beer with 36.26% market share of the entire craft beer market and projected to lead the market over the forecast period, 2018-2025. Africa is projected to be the fastest growing market with a CAGR over 28% throughout the forecast period due to the increasing penetration in South Africa. The growing consumer awareness regarding the wide selection of flavors and styles of the product is expected to be a crucial factor for market growth in the country.

Objective of the Study:

·         To analyze and forecast market size of the world craft brew market, in terms of useful & volume

·         To examine the careful market segmentation and forecast the market size, in terms useful, on the premise of the region by segmenting world craft brew market into 5 regions, namely, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and geographical area.

·         To outline, categorized and forecast the world brew market on the premise of product kind and channel.

·         To examine competitive developments like expansions, technological advancement, new flavor launches, services, and regulative framework within the world Craft brew market.

·         To pinpoint the drivers and challenges for the world craft brew market

·         To spot the profile of leading players, that area unit concerned within the producing and provide off craft brew globally.

Global Craft Beer Market Competitive Landscape

Companies, such as D.G. Yuengling and Son, Gambrinus Company, Heineken N.V, Boston Beer Company, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., and Belgium Brewing Company are the key players in manufacturing craft beer. In terms of product offerings, Boston Beer Company and D.G. Yuengling and Son are the major players in the market, providing various tastes and flavors of craft beer.

Strategic Outlook for major Industry Player

·         In March 2018, D.G. Yuengling and Son have added a new beer to its craft beer product portfolio, known as Golden Pilsner, a modern pilsner crafted with the perfect balance of malt and hop for crisp, smooth refreshment.

·         In May 2017, Heineken N.V acquired the 100% stake in Lagunitas, a craft beer maker (having entered a 50/50 partnership in 2015), allowing the company to accelerate the expansion of the brand to many markets around the world

·         In Aug 2017, New Belgium Brewing has entered into a licensing agreement with Mohegan Sun, to feature New Belgium brand in Mohegan’s gaming area. The company Taproom within the gaming area, will feature 12 craft beer lines, including sour and seasonal releases, expanding its presence in the east coast

Business Questions answered by the report

·         How will the market drivers, restraints and opportunities affect the market dynamics?

·         What will be the market size in terms of value and volume and market statistics with detailed classification

·         Which segment dominates the market or region and one will be the fastest growing and why?

·         A comprehensive survey of the competitive landscape and the market participant players

·         Analysis of strategy adopted by the key player and their impact on other players.

1.    Research Framework

1.1.  Market Definition and Product overview

2.    Research methodology 

3.    Executive summary

4.    Craft Beer Industry Insights

4.1.  Industry Segmentation

4.2.  Industry ecosystem analysis

4.2.1.    Vendor Matrix

4.3.  Regulatory framework

4.4.  Raw material analysis

4.5.  Technological Landscape

4.6.  Industry impact and forces

4.6.1.    Growth drivers        Increasing consumer preference for low alcohol by volume(ABV) beer        Rise in number of Microbreweries across the globe        Demand for premium beer or value-based beer        Product innovation in beer market

4.6.2.    Industry challenges        Limited availability of craft beers beyond the microbreweries

4.7.  Company market share analysis,2017

4.8.  Growth potential analysis,2017

4.9.  Porter’s analysis

4.10.              PESTEL analysis

5.    Global Craft Beer Market Overview

5.1.  Market size & Forecast

5.1.1.    By Value (USD Billion)

5.1.2.    By Volume (Billion Liters)

5.2.  Market Share & Forecast

5.2.1.    By product type

5.2.2.    By Distribution Channel

5.2.3.    By Region

6.    Craft Beer Market, By Product Type

6.1.  Key Product Trends

6.2.  Lager

6.2.1.    Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million

6.2.2.    Market estimates & forecast, by region, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

6.3.  Ale

6.3.1.    Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

6.3.2.    Market estimates & forecast, by region, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

6.4.  Stout & Porter

6.4.1.    Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

6.4.2.    Market estimates & forecast, by region, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

6.5.  Others

6.5.1.    Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

6.5.2.    Market estimates & forecast, by region, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

7.    Craft Beer Market, By Distribution 

7.1.  Key Distribution trends, 2017

7.2.  On- trade

7.2.1.    Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million

7.2.2.    Market estimates & forecast, by region, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

7.3.  Off-trade

7.3.1.    Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

7.3.2.    Market estimates & forecast, by region, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.    Craft Beer Market, By Region

8.1.  Key Regional trends, 2017

8.2.  North America

8.2.1.    Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.2.2.    Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.2.3.    Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.2.4.    Market estimates & forecast, by country, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.2.5.    U.S.        Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.2.6.    Canada        Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.3.  Europe

8.3.1.    Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.3.2.    Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.3.3.    Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.3.4.    Market estimates & forecast, by country, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.3.5.    Germany        Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.3.6.    UK        Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.3.7.    France        Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.3.8.    Italy        Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.4.  Asia Pacific

8.4.1.    Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.4.2.    Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.4.3.    Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.4.4.    Market estimates & forecast, by country, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.4.5.    China        Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.4.6.    India        Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.4.7.    Japan        Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.4.8.    Australia        Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.4.9.    South Korea        Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.4.10.  Singapore      Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)      Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)      Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.5.  LATAM

8.5.1.    Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.5.2.    Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.5.3.    Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.5.4.    Market estimates & forecast, by country, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.5.5.    Brazil        Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.5.6.    Mexico        Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.5.7.    Argentina        Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.6.  Middle East & Africa (MEA)

8.6.1.    Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.6.2.    Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.6.3.    Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.6.4.    Market estimates & forecast, by country, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.6.5.    UAE        Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.6.6.    Egypt        Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

8.6.7.    South Africa        Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast by product type, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)        Market estimates & forecast, by distribution, 2014-2025, (Billion Liters)(USD Million)

9.    Company Profiles

9.1.  D.G. Yuengling and Son

9.1.1.    Company Overview

9.1.2.    Financial Matrix

9.1.3.    Key Product landscape

9.1.4.    Key Personnel

9.1.5.    Key Competitors

9.1.6.    Contact Address

9.1.7.    SWOT Analysis

9.1.8.    Strategic Outlook

9.2.  The Gambrinus Company

9.2.1.    Company Overview

9.2.2.    Financial Matrix

9.2.3.    Key Product landscape

9.2.4.    Key Personnel

9.2.5.    Key Competitors

9.2.6.    Contact Address

9.2.7.    SWOT Analysis

9.3.  Heineken N.V

9.3.1.    Company Overview

9.3.2.    Financial Matrix

9.3.3.    Key Product landscape

9.3.4.    Key Personnel

9.3.5.    Key Competitors

9.3.6.    Contact Address

9.3.7.    SWOT Analysis

9.4.  The Boston Beer Company

9.4.1.    Company Overview

9.4.2.    Financial Matrix

9.4.3.    Key Product landscape

9.4.4.    Key Personnel

9.4.5.    Key Competitors

9.4.6.    Contact Address

9.4.7.    SWOT Analysis

9.5.  Sierra Nevada Brewing Co

9.5.1.    Company Overview

9.5.2.    Financial Matrix

9.5.3.    Key Product landscape

9.5.4.    Key Personnel

9.5.5.    Key Competitors

9.5.6.    Contact Address

9.5.7.    SWOT Analysis

9.6.  New Belgium Brewing Company

9.6.1.    Company Overview

9.6.2.    Financial Matrix

9.6.3.    Key Product landscape

9.6.4.    Key Personnel

9.6.5.    Key Competitors

9.6.6.    Contact Address

9.6.7.    SWOT Analysis

9.7.  Bell’s Brewery, Inc.

9.7.1.    Company Overview

9.7.2.    Financial Matrix

9.7.3.    Key Product landscape

9.7.4.    Key Personnel

9.7.5.    Key Competitors

9.7.6.    Contact Address

9.7.7.    SWOT Analysis

9.8.  Deschutes Brewery

9.8.1.    Company Overview

9.8.2.    Financial Matrix

9.8.3.    Key Product landscape

9.8.4.    Key Personnel

9.8.5.    Key Competitors

9.8.6.    Contact Address

9.8.7.    SWOT Analysis

9.9.  Minhas Brewery

9.9.1.    Company Overview

9.9.2.    Financial Matrix

9.9.3.    Key Product landscape

9.9.4.    Key Personnel

9.9.5.    Key Competitors

9.9.6.    Contact Address

9.9.7.    SWOT Analysis

9.10.              Stone Brewing

9.10.1.  Company Overview

9.10.2.  Financial Matrix

9.10.3.  Key Product landscape

9.10.4.  Key Personnel

9.10.5.  Key Competitors

9.10.6.  Contact Address

9.10.7.  SWOT Analysis

9.11.              Omer Vander Ghinste

9.11.1.  Company Overview

9.11.2.  Financial Matrix

9.11.3.  Key Product landscape

9.11.4.  Key Personnel

9.11.5.  Key Competitors

9.11.6.  Contact Address

9.11.7.  SWOT Analysis

9.12.              Feral Brewing Co.

9.12.1.  Company Overview

9.12.2.  Financial Matrix

9.12.3.  Key Product landscape

9.12.4.  Key Personnel

9.12.5.  Key Competitors

9.12.6.  Contact Address

9.12.7.  SWOT Analysis

9.13.              Stone & Wood Brewing Co.

9.13.1.  Company Overview

9.13.2.  Financial Matrix

9.13.3.  Key Product landscape

9.13.4.  Key Personnel

9.13.5.  Key Competitors

9.13.6.  Contact Address

9.13.7.  SWOT Analysis

9.14.              Asahi Group Holdings

9.14.1.  Company Overview

9.14.2.  Financial Matrix

9.14.3.  Key Product landscape

9.14.4.  Key Personnel

9.14.5.  Key Competitors

9.14.6.  Contact Address

9.14.7.  SWOT Analysis

9.15.              Anheuser-Busch InBev

9.15.1.  Company Overview

9.15.2.  Financial Matrix

9.15.3.  Key Product landscape

9.15.4.  Key Personnel

9.15.5.  Key Competitors

9.15.6.  Contact Address

9.15.7.  SWOT Analysis


List of Figure

Figure 1  Food Additive Industry Ecosystem analysis

Figure 2  Production of Hop by Region, 2016

Figure 3  German Hop Production, By Region, in Meter Tonne, 2016-2017

Figure 4  Global Barley Production, By Region/Country, 2016

Figure 5  Manufacturing process of craft beer

Figure 6  Sales and Consumer Spending on low ABV product, in UK  , 2015-2018

Figure 7  Growth in number of Microbreweries, 2016-2017, in Million

Figure 8  Sales growth of Tuborg brand, over the previous year, 2013-2016

Figure 9  Company Market Share Analysis

Figure 10  Growth Potential Analysis

Figure 11  Global Craft Beer Market Size, By Value (USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 12  Global Craft Beer Market Size, By Volume (Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 13  Global Craft Beer Market  Share (%), By Product Type, By Value

Figure 14  Global Craft Beer Market Share (%), By Distribution Channel, By Value

Figure 15  Global Craft Beer Market Share (%), By Region, By Value

Figure 16  Global Lager Market Size & Forecast, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 17  Global Lager Market Size & Forecast, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 18  Global Ale Market Size & Forecast, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 19  Global Ale Market Size & Forecast, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 20  Global Stout & Porter Market Size & Forecast, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 21  Global Stout & Porter Market Size & Forecast, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 22  Global Others Market Size & Forecast, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 23  Global Others Market Size & Forecast, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 24  Global On-Trade Market Size & Forecast,  By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 25  Global On-Trade  Market Size & Forecast, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 26  Global Off-Trade Market Size & Forecast, By Synthetic Sources, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 27  Global Off-Trade Market Size & Forecast, By Synthetic Sources, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 28  North America Craft Beer Market Size, By Value (USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 29  North America Craft Beer Market Size, By Volume (Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 30 North America Craft Beer Market  Size, By Product Type, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 31  North America Craft Beer Market  Size, By Product Type, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 32  North America Craft Beer Market Size, By distribution channel, By Value (USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 33  North America Craft Beer Market Size, By distribution channel,  By Volume (Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 34  North America Craft Beer Market  Share(%), By Distribution Channel, By Value, 2014-2025F

Figure 35 North America Craft Beer Market  Share (%), By Distribution Channel, By Volume, 2014-2025F

Figure 36 Europe Craft Beer Market Size, By Value (USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 37 Europe Craft Beer Market Size, By Volume (Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 38 Europe Craft Beer Market  Size, By Product Type, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 39 Europe Craft Beer Market  Size, By Product Type, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 40 Europe Craft Beer Market Size, By Distribution Channel, By Value (USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 41 Europe Craft Beer Market Size, By Distribution Channel, By Volume (Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 42 Europe Craft Beer  Market  Share (%),  By Distribution Channel, By Value, 2014-2025F

Figure 43 Europe Craft Beer Market  Share  (%),  By Distribution Channel, By Volume, 2014-2025F

Figure 44 Asia Pacific Craft Beer Market Size, By Value (USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 45 Asia Pacific Craft Beer Market Size, By Value (USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 46 Asia Pacific Craft Beer Market  Size, By Product Type, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 47 Asia Pacific Craft Beer Market  Size, By Product Type, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 48 Asia Pacific Craft Beer Market Size, By Distribution Channel, By Value (USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 49 Asia Pacific Craft Beer Market Size, By Distribution Channel, By Volume (Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 50 Asia Pacific Craft Beer Market Share(%), By Distribution Channel, By Value, 2014-2025F

Figure 51 Asia Pacific Craft Beer Market  Share(%), By Distribution Channel, By Volume, 2014-2025F

Figure 52 Latin America Craft Beer  Market Size, By Value (USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 53 Latin America Craft Beer Market Size, By Volume (Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 54 Latin America Craft Beer Market  Size, By Product Type, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 55 Latin America Craft Beer Market  Size, By Product Type, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 56 Latin America Craft Beer Market Size, By Distribution Channel, , By Value (USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 57 Latin America Craft Beer Market Size, By  Distribution, By Volume (Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 58 Latin America Craft Beer Market Share (%), By Distribution Channel, By Value, 2014-2025F

Figure 59 Latin America Craft Beer Market  Share (%), By Distribution Channel, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 60 Middle-East & Africa Craft Beer  Market Size, By Value (USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 61 Middle-East & Africa Craft Beer Market Size, By Volume (Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 62 Middle-East & Africa Craft Beer Market  Size, By Product Type, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 63 Middle-East & Africa Craft Beer Market  Size, By Product Type, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 64 Middle-East & Africa Craft Beer Market Size, By Distribution Channel, By Value (USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Figure 65 Middle-East & Africa Craft Beer Market Size, By Distribution Channel, By Volume (Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Figure 66 Middle-East & Africa Craft Beer Market Share (%), By Distribution Channel, By Value, 2014-2025F

Figure 67 Middle-East & Africa Craft Beer Market  Share (%), By Distribution Channel, By Volume, 2014-2025F


List of Table

Table 1 Global Craft Beer Market: Vendor Matrix

Table 2 Properties of Lager Yeast  and Ale Yeast

Table 3 Global Lager Market Size & Forecast, By Region, By Value (USD Billion ), 2014-2025F

Table 4 Global Lager Market Size & Forecast, By Region, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Table 5 Global Ale Market Size & Forecast, By Region, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Table 6 Global Ale Market Size & Forecast, By Region, By Volume (Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Table 7 Global Stout & Porter Market Size & Forecast, By Region, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Table 8 Global Stout & Porter Market Size & Forecast, By Region, By Volume (Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Table 9 Global Others Market Size & Forecast, By Region, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Table 10 Global Others Market Size & Forecast, By Region, By Volume (Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Table 11 Global On-Trade Market Size & Forecast, By Region, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Table 12 Global On-Trade Market Size & Forecast, By Region, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Table 13 Global Off-Trade Market Size & Forecast, By Region, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Table 14 Global Off-Trade Market Size & Forecast, By Synthetic Source, By Region, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Table 15 North America Craft Beer Market Size & Forecast, By Country, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Table 16 North America Food Additive Market Size & Forecast, By Country, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Table 17 Europe Craft Beer Market Size & Forecast, By Country, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Table 18 Europe Craft Beer Market Size & Forecast, By Country, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Table 19 Asia Pacific Craft Beer Market Size & Forecast, By Country, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Table 20 Asia Pacific Craft Beer Market Size & Forecast, By Country, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Table 21 Latin America Craft Beer Market Size & Forecast, By Country, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Table 22 Latin America Craft Beer Market Size & Forecast, By Country, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

Table 23 Middle-East & Africa Craft Beer Market Size & Forecast, By Country, By Value(USD Billion), 2014-2025F

Table 24 Middle-East & Africa Craft Beer Market Size & Forecast, By Country, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014-2025F

  1. Research Methodology
Craft Beer Market Research Methodology
Source: BlueWeave Consulting Analysis

2.   Regional Split of Primary & Secondary Research

Craft Beer Market Research Methodology
Source: BlueWeave Consulting Analysis

3.    Secondary Research

The research process began with obtaining historical market sizes of the entire craft beer market and the share of each type of segmentation, through exhaustive secondary research to understand the potential of the market under the prevailing market environment during the past years. The growth rate of the market and its segments was studied with a comparative approach to understand the impact of factors that shaped the market during the recent past.

The next step involved the study of present market environment that is influencing the craft beer market and its expected long-term impact. Weightage was given to several forces that are expected to affect the home security market, during the forecast period. Based on the interim analysis, the market numbers were formulated for each of the forecast years for every segment.

4.   Primary Research

Various industry experts including CEOs, presidents, vice presidents, directors, sales managers, products managers, organization executives and other key people of the global craft beer market were interviewed. The third step involved validation of hypothesis through segmented primary research with the key opinion leaders in the industry, including the company representatives, experts from distributer agencies, service providers and other industry experts. The primary research helped in assessing the gathered and assumed data with the real-time experience of industry representatives. This also led to modification in certain assumptions that were taken during the process of preliminary research. The analysts arrived at solid data points after the completion of primary research process.

In the fourth step, the market engineering was conducted, where the data points collected through secondary and primary sources were compiled to compute the final market sizes.

4.1    Breakdown of Primary Research Respondents, By Region

Craft Beer Market Research Methodology
Source: BlueWeave Consulting Analysis

4.2    Breakdown of Primary Research Respondents, By Industry Participants

Craft Beer Market Research Methodology
Source: BlueWeave Consulting Analysis

5.      Market Size Estimation

Top-down approach has been followed to obtain the market size by region, and by country. Bottom-Up approach has been followed to obtain market size by product type and by distribution channel.

An amalgamation of bottom-up and top-down approach has been performed to determine the revenue.

6.   Assumptions for the Study

  • The macro-economic factors would remain same during the forecast period.
  • The market players would exhibit consistent performance during the forecast period without having any adverse ripple effects on the industry.

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