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Mexico cyber security market is driven by the increasing rate of cyberattacks in the country and growing investments towards adoption of cybersecurity by various industry verticals such as manufacturing, IT, healthcare, retail, etc., as well as government.

Recent years have seen a surge in demand for shower glass doors due to the booming tourism industry, which has been a major factor in hotels and resorts expanding. Both local and international tourists enjoy a touch of luxury in their accommodation. As a result, hotels and resorts in Mexico are increasingly installing shower glass doors in washrooms, causing the market to grow.

The permanent magnet market is expanding due to increased demand for permanent magnets in a variety of applications around the world. The booming automotive industry is propelling the permanent magnet market forward.

The growth of the global USB devices market is attributed to the increasing volume of data and expanding need for faster data transfer devices that offer great speed and high compatibility.

India Graphene market is growing at a high rate because of the driving factors such as increasing demand for graphene in the electronics and automobile industry and growing investment towards the development of renewable energy sources.

Vietnam graphene market is growing at a high rate because of the extensive adoption of renewable energy sources such as wind energy, solar power and biomass, along with flourishing construction activities in Vietnam for infrastructural development.

United Kingdom cybersecurity market is growing at a high CAGR because of the increasing adoption of cloud computing and digitization in businesses and increasing cases of cyberattacks in the country.

With urbanization and global economic recovery, the global construction industry is poised for tremendous development in the foreseeable future. The usage of construction lubricants is predicted to accelerate due to the enormous growth of the global construction industry.

Several factors are driving the organic pigments market to grow at a rapid rate. Growing demand from end-use industries, such as printing inks, paints, and coatings, combined with urbanization in developed and developing countries, is one of the key factors expected to fuel market growth.

China IoT market is growing at a high CAGR as smartphones and 5G networks are becoming more popular, along with the launch of a wide range of IoT devices across the country.