Glanbia Nutritionals in process to acquires Watson for $89m

Published Date | 2019 February 26

Glanbia, an Irish based-company, acquiring Ingredient Company Watson, will help in their business expansion in nutritionals premix segment which will propel global food premix market in future timeline
Global: Global vitamin group Glanbia in process to purchase Watson, a non-dairy ingredient options enterprise based mostly in Connecticut, for $89 million. Glanbia seems to be on an acquisition spree to boost its nutrition portfolio. This acquisition provides Ireland’s Glanbia Nutritionals’ a manufacturing footprint that now spans from U.S. coast to coast along with its services in Germany and China.  By purchasing Watson, Glanbia looks to leverage the company's specialization in health and nutrition products, which aligns with current consumer demand. The capabilities and product enhancement that Watson provides although — microencapsulation, agglomeration, micronizing, spray drying and movie know-how — don’t totally cater to tendencies towards healthful, pure ingredients and contemporary and better-for-you merchandise. However, Glanbia does not seem concerned seeing as its recent acquisitions also include Optimum Nutrition, ThinkThin, and SlimFast — all of which develop items that promote health through specialty products that contain premixes with modified ingredients. Food Premix MarketAccording to BlueWeave Consulting, Premix, a customized mixture of two or more ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanicals, and sweeteners which provide many benefits such as Increases efficiencies in material loss, Manages lead-times on raw materials effectively, Increases consistency during the batching process and gives consistent production results from a flavor, aesthetic, and functionality perspective. Additionally, manufacturers will experience savings on labor, inventory, and testing. Premixes also offer greater consistency and address issues surrounding product taste and texture early in the development stage, as well as eliminate any chance of error during the manufacturing process where missing a small amount or incorrectly weighing an ingredient may cause a potential deficit of that nutrient and a possible recall. Growing health and wellness trend, changing food landscape, and increasing demand for fortified food products will play a major role in growth of food premix industry. In addition, the increasing urbanization and population growth will drive the food premix industry in upcoming years. According to BlueWeave Consulting‘s upcoming report, Titled-“Global Food Premix Market By Product (vitamin premix, mineral premix, , nucleotide premix, nutraceutical premix),  By Form (powder and liquid), and application (nutrition and health supplements, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals), By Region, Size and Forecast 2018- 2025”- Global Food Premix  market is expected with grow with a significant rate in forecast period, 2018-2025, owing to growing demand for food fortification, growing health and wellness trend, changing food landscape. In addition, convenience in usage as a single ingredient over multiple ingredients increases the demand for food premixes from food, beverage, supplement, and pharmaceutical industries. Moreover, emerging economies are boosting the growth of food premixes market and hold huge potential for future growth. The increasing urbanization and population growth in Asia and Africa regions are primarily responsible for the growing demand of global food premix market over forecast period.