Healthcare Services

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Health care services and facilities subsector is comprised of many subsectors namely Hospitals, Nursing and Residential Care and Ambulatory health care services. Hospitals provide medical, diagnostic, and treatment services to inpatients and some outpatient services. This category includes General medical and surgical hospitals, Psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals, Specialty hospitals (not including psychiatric and substance abuse facilities), Family Planning & Abortion Clinics, Hospices & Palliative Care Centers, Emergency & Other Outpatient Care Centers, Sleep Disorder Clinics, Dental Laboratories, and Blood & Organ Banks. Nursing and residential care facilities provide residential care combined with either nursing, supervisory, or other types of care as needed. This category includes Home health care services, Nursing Care Facilities, Urgent Care Centers, Mental health and residential developmental handicap facilities, In-Home Senior Care, Community care facilities for the elderly and other residential care facilities. Players provide direct and indirect health care services to ambulatory patients. This category includes Outpatient care centers, Medical and diagnostic laboratories, Ambulance Services and other ambulatory health care services.