Precision Healthcare Revolution 2.0: Artificial Intelligence as its Prime Weapon

Published Date | 2018 September 12

Era of Artificial intelligence combined with Precision healthcare will be a boon or bane for the healthcare industry?
  United States: Are we all set for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven precision healthcare revolution 2.0? The healthcare sector is all prepared for the transformation by AI. This particular area is precision healthcare, emerging in a level up tailored treatment that is never before seen or think before. This emerging treatment paired up with AI will have a positive impact on the healthcare sector in the near future. Healthcare Artificial IntelligencePrecision health considers the differences in people’s genes, lifestyles, environments and as per that it formulates the prevention and treatment strategies on the basis of the unique conditions and backgrounds of the patients’. Precision healthcare gives an efficient and accurate healthcare treatment. With the help of precision healthcare, Doctors can develop the potential target precise therapies and treatment for the population or for the individual. This can help in improving the treatment of the patients of countries with large populations namely China, India, etc. The big-data approach towards disease detection and prevention is a unique attribute towards this healthcare sector by precision healthcare which focuses on the different factors that will help to maintain healthy approach towards life. The present healthcare system primarily focuses on giving solutions and treatments which help in the treatment for large population with same symptoms. It is basically done on the basis of data and evidences which are collected after medical tests. But soon this scene is going to change, with the help of genome sequencing and data generated by health sensors combined with the huge bulk of Big Data of the patients will create huge data with information that are valuable which will help in the tailored treatments. However a single physician is not well equipped to analyse these data manually. So there we have the grand entry of newly advanced technologically equipped hero ‘Artificial Intelligence’. With the help of AI precision healthcare is ready to conquer the sector, doctors and researchers can predict accurate treatment and prevention strategies for a particular given disease for a bunch of people or a one man army. Machine learning with AI helps to identify patterns with high volume genome set data. The AI analysis has other major data elements like micro biome data; clinical tests data; social and behavioural data and already existing patients contributed data. In human body there is a large set of micro-organisms like viruses, bacteria and viruses that attack bacteria. Altogether they are known as micro biomes. A set of conditions, from anxiety to obesity, seems to be linked to the microbes inside our body. According to BlueWeave Consulting, this precision healthcare 2.0 that is driven by artificial intelligence will drive the future market of healthcare industry and will witness a positive growth in the upcoming years. Not only the healthcare industry, the related industry will also grow along with it. Healthcare insurance is very important for any individual. The sudden shift towards precision medicines, precision healthcare; this precision insurance industry will also increase in the future.