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India Air Purifiers Market: Overview

India Air purifier market report provides analysis for the period 2014–2024, wherein the period from 2018-2024 is the forecast period and 2017 as base year. The report covers all the major trends and technologies playing an influential role in the market growth over the forecast period. The market study reveals that India Air Purifier Market is projected to grow with a CAGR over 48% during the forecast period, 2018-2024 in terms of value. The report provides a complete perspective on the evolution of the India Air purifier market throughout the above mentioned forecast period in terms of revenue and volume.

This overview section of the report demonstrates market dynamics such as drivers, restraints, and opportunities that influence the current nature and future scenario of the India Air Purifier market, key market indicators end-user adoption analysis. The report also offers a synopsis of various strategies adopted by key players in the market.

India Air Purifiers Market: Scope of the Report

Air purifier market can be segmented on the basis of Technology type, Product type, Distribution Channel, End user, and Region. Based on Technology type, the India air purifier market is further classified into HEPA Technology (High-Efficiency Particulate Air), Activated Carbon Technology, UV Technology, Negative Ion and Others. Based on Product type, the India air purifier market can be fragmented into Portable Air Purifiers, Whole-House Air Purifiers and Cleaners, Electrostatic Precipitators, Smart air purifier, and others. On the basis of Distribution Channels, the market can be segmented into online distribution channel and offline distribution channel. In terms of end users, the market is segmented as residential, commercial and industrial. Finally, the report covers the analysis of these segments across North, West, East, and South along with the qualitative analysis for market estimates that boosts the growth of the India air purifier market during the forecast period

The report highlights the competitive landscape of the India air purifier market, positioning all the major players according to their presence in different regions and recent key developments initiated by them in the industry. It also includes strategies of companies, financial information, SWOT analysis, and developments under the company profile section. Also, the report provides insights related to trends and their impact on the market.

India Air purifier Market: Key Findings of the Report

According to BlueWeave Consulting, the key findings of the report “India Air Purifiers Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2024” are:

·         India Air Purifier market is expected to grow with a CAGR over 48% and 24% during the forecast period, 2018-2024 in terms of value and volume respectively.

·         High-Efficiency Particulate Air Technology (HEPA) has been the largest revenue contributor to the India Air Purifier market. It is expected to grow with CAGR over 41% by revenue during the forecast period, 2018-2025.

·         Off-line Distribution channel is more effective for India Air purifier market

·         The northern India constituted the maximum market share, followed by the Western India in terms of regional demand.

·         As deteriorating air quality increasingly becomes a major concern to health, technologies that can filter multiple pollutants and are intelligent and cost-effective will gain traction across end-user segments.

India Air Purifier Market, Revenue Forecast, USD (Million), 2014-2024

India Air Purifier Market
Source: BlueWeave Consulting

India Air Purifier Market: Research Methodology

Extensive secondary research was conducted using paid data sources including Bloomberg, Factiva, Capital IQ, OneSource, and Hoovers. Additionally, several publicly-available data sources were used including journals, statistics articles, and industry associations. These data sources were used to gather relevant information to develop an understanding of the India air purifier market. The research was conducted covering the desk research and primary research. Data sources used for primary research included online forums and blogs, CATI/CAWI, CAPI interviews, and video conferences.  Additionally, interviews were conducted through connecting with various industry respondents including C-level executives, directors, divisional heads, regional heads, expert consultants, and independent consultants. The primary research was conducted to gain market insights from industry respondents and validate the gathered information through desk research.

India Air Purifier Market: Competitive Dynamics

Some of the major players operating in India air purifier market include Philips India Ltd., Honeywell Automation India Ltd., Sharp Business Systems (India) Private Limited, Eureka Forbes Ltd., Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd., Blueair India Pvt. Ltd., Daikin Air conditioning India Pvt. Ltd., Kent RO Systems Ltd., Mankastu Impex Private Limited, and Crusaders Technologies India Pvt. Ltd, among others.

1.      Research Framework

1.1.   Market Definition and Product Overview

1.2.   Market Segmentation

2.      Research Methodology

3.      Executive Summary

4.      Industry Insights

4.1.   Industry Value Chain Analysis

4.1.1.      Vendor Matrix

4.2.   Pricing Analysis

4.3.   Industry impact and Forces

4.3.1.      Growth Drivers

4.3.2.      Challenges

4.4.   Technological Landscape

4.5.   Regulatory Framework

4.6.   Company market share analysis,2017

4.7.   Growth Potential analysis,2017

4.8.   Porter’s Five forces analysis

4.8.1.      Bargaining Power of Suppliers

4.8.2.      Bargaining Power of Buyers

4.8.3.      Threat of New Entrants

4.8.4.      Threat of Substitutes

4.8.5.      Intensity of Rivalry

4.9.   PESTEL Analysis

4.10. Strategic Outlook

5.       India Air Purifiers Market Overview

5.1.   Market Size & Forecast

5.1.1.      By Value

5.1.2.      By Volume

5.2.   Market Share & Forecast

5.2.1.      By Technology            HEPA Technology (High-Efficiency Particulate Air)            Activated Carbon Technology            UV Technology             Negative Ion            Others

5.2.2.      By Product            Portable Air Purifiers            Whole-House Air Purifiers and Cleaners            Electrostatic Precipitators            Smart air purifier            Others

5.2.3.      By Distribution Channel            Online Distributors            Offline Distributors

5.2.4.      By End-Use            Residential            Commercial            Industrial

5.2.5.      By Region            North            South            East            West

6.      India Air Purifiers Market, By Technology

6.1.   Key Technology Trends

6.2.    HEPA Technology

6.2.1.      Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2024

6.3.   Activated Carbon Technology

6.3.1.      Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2024

6.4.   UV Technology

6.4.1.      Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2024

6.5.   Negative Ion

6.5.1.      Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2024

6.6.   Others

6.6.1.      Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2024

7.      India Air Purifiers Market, By Product

7.1.   Key Technology Trends

7.2.    Portable Air Purifier

7.2.1.      Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2024

7.3.   Whole-house Air purifiers and Cleaners

7.3.1.      Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2024

7.4.   Electrostatic Precipitators

7.4.1.      Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2024

7.5.   Smart Air Purifier

7.5.1.      Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2024

7.6.   Others

7.6.1.      Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2024

8.      India Air Purifiers Market, By Distribution Channel

8.1.     Key Distribution Channel Trends

8.2.   Online Distributors

8.2.1.      Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2024

8.3.    Offline Distributors

8.3.1.      Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2024

9.      India Air Purifiers Market, By End-Users

9.1.   Key End-User Trends

9.2.   Residential

9.2.1.      Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2024

9.3.   Commercial

9.3.1.      Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2024

9.4.   Industrial

9.4.1.      Market estimates & forecast, 2014-2024

10.  Company Profile

10.1    Philips India Ltd.  

10.1.1.  Company Overview

10.1.2.  Financial Matrix

10.1.3.  Key Product landscape

10.1.4.  Key Personnel

10.1.5.  Key Competitors

10.1.6.  Contact Address

10.1.7.  SWOT Analysis

10.1.8.  Strategic Outlook

10.2. Honeywell Automation India Ltd.

10.2.1.  Company Overview

10.2.2.  Financial Matrix

10.2.3.  Key Products landscape

10.2.4.  Key Personnel

10.2.5.  Key Competitors

10.2.6.  Contact Address

10.2.7.  SWOT Analysis

10.2.8.  Strategic Outlook

10.3. Sharp Business Systems (India) Private Ltd.

10.3.1.  Company Overview

10.3.2.  Financial Matrix

10.3.3.  Key Products landscape

10.3.4.  Key Personnel

10.3.5.  Key Competitors

10.3.6.  Contact  Address

10.3.7.  SWOT Analysis

10.3.8.  Strategic Outlook

10.4. Eureka Forbes Ltd.

10.4.1.  Company Overview

10.4.2.  Financial Matrix

10.4.3.  Key Products landscape

10.4.4.  Key Personnel

10.4.5.  Key Competitors

10.4.6.  Contact  Address

10.4.7.  SWOT Analysis

10.4.8.  Strategic Outlook

10.5. Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd.

10.5.1.  Company Overview

10.5.2.  Financial Matrix

10.5.3.  Key Products landscape

10.5.4.  Key Personnel

10.5.5.  Key Competitors

10.5.6.  Contact  Address

10.5.7.  SWOT Analysis

10.5.8.  Strategic Outlook

10.6. Blueair India Pvt. Ltd.

10.6.1.  Company Overview

10.6.2.  Financial Matrix

10.6.3.  Key Products landscape

10.6.4.  Key Personnel

10.6.5.  Key Competitors

10.6.6.  Contact  Address

10.6.7.  SWOT Analysis

10.6.8.  Strategic Outlook

10.7. Daikin Air Conditioning India Pvt.

10.7.1.  Company Overview

10.7.2.  Financial Matrix

10.7.3.  Key Products landscape

10.7.4.  Key Personnel

10.7.5.  Key Competitors

10.7.6.  Contact  Address

10.7.7.  SWOT Analysis

10.7.8.  Strategic Outlook

10.8. Kent RO Systems Ltd.

10.8.1.  Company Overview

10.8.2.  Financial Matrix

10.8.3.  Key Products landscape

10.8.4.  Key Personnel

10.8.5.  Key Competitors

10.8.6.  Contact  Address

10.8.7.  SWOT Analysis

10.8.8.  Strategic Outlook

10.9.    Mankastu Impex Pvt. Ltd.

10.9.1.      Company Overview

10.9.2.  Financial Matrix

10.9.3.  Key Products landscape

10.9.4.  Key Personnel

10.9.5.  Key Competitors

10.9.6.  Contact  Address

10.9.7.  SWOT Analysis

10.9.8.      Strategic Outlook

10.10.  Crusaders Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

10.10.1.  Company Overview

10.10.2.  Financial Matrix

10.10.3.  Key Products landscape

10.10.4.  Key Personnel

10.10.5.  Key Competitors

10.10.6.  Contact  Address

10.10.7.  SWOT Analysis

10.10.8.  Strategic Outlook

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