Consumer Goods

The United States hand sanitizer market is driven by rising prevalence of infectious diseases in the country and high awareness and stringent government regulations regarding hygiene and sanitation in healthcare facilities.

The North America household water treatment system market is anticipated to flourish due to the rising demand for household water treatment systems as a result of increasing water pollution and population influx in urban areas.

India has experienced a boom in hand sanitizer usage due to a growing consumer awareness about infection spread and hygiene after the COVID-19 outbreak. Also contributing to the market's growth is the rise in the use of hand sanitizers both publicly and privately.

The growth of the China hand sanitizer market is attributed to the hygiene consciousness among Chinese consumers, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak along with emerging local brands and expanding production capacity of hand sanitizers in China.

The growth of the Vietnam water purifier market is attributable to the scarcity of clean and safe drinking water especially in urban cities. Additionally, growing consumer awareness regarding the health benefits of safe water is propelling market growth.

China water purifier market is gaining significant traction because of the deteriorating water quality in China caused by rapid industrialization and urbanization. Additionally, the launch of wide range of water purifying products is also favoring the market’s growth.

Growth in the global walkie talkie market is driven by the increasing spending of governments and public safety agencies, as well as the rise in acceptance of digital radios and the diverse use of Walkie-talkies.

Asia Pacific back-to-school market is growing due to innovations in back-to-school products, an increase in government expenditure, greater importance placed on primary education, and China's elimination of the one-child policy in conjunction with a decrease in infant mortality rates in the region. With the popularity of online shopping and the rise in demand for social media and digital marketing, there will be more opportunities in the industry.

Recent years have seen a surge in demand for shower glass doors due to the booming tourism industry, which has been a major factor in hotels and resorts expanding. Both local and international tourists enjoy a touch of luxury in their accommodation. As a result, hotels and resorts in Mexico are increasingly installing shower glass doors in washrooms, causing the market to grow.

The growth of the global USB devices market is attributed to the increasing volume of data and expanding need for faster data transfer devices that offer great speed and high compatibility.