The Global Aerogel Market is Projected to Reach USD Billion by 2027, Growing with a CAGR of % From 2020 to 2027.

Published | January 2021

According to BlueWeave Consulting, the Global Aerogel Market did reach  million in 2019 and is further anticipated to get to USD  million by 2027, growing at a CAGR rate of approx.  % during the forecast time-frame. Aerogels are materials made with several compositions that have light, porous and foamy consistency. They are produced synthetically, having a “gel-like” texture that has its liquid replaced with a complementary gas that aids to the structural stability. This results in a solid structure of an exceptionally low thermal conductivity, density, and weight along with the low refractive index, low sound speed, low dielectric constant, low thermal conductivity, etc. An aerogel may be produced by removing the liquid component of a gel by applying the process of supercritical drying or freeze-drying.


“Alternative for Light and Thin materials”

Industries worldwide have been looking for various innovations, research, and developments to carry out in order to get their end products, establishments, etc. lighter in weight and sturdy in structures. That’s why the adoption of these materials is extensively being made in buildings for insulation-related purposes, and to increase the aesthetic appearance of the buildings & establishments. The qualities of aerogel such as low thermal conductance and low density, less thickness, optical transparency make it ideal for applications in windowpanes, daylights, solar energy collector covers, etc. Additionally, the porous structural abilities of a gel giving aerogels acoustic property for noise cancellation, indoor air purification characteristic, and non-combustibility- for inorganic gels for fire retardation properties.


“Aerogel used as Medium for Storage and transportation”

The Global market for Aerogel is about to grow in the anticipated projected period, due to the porous property of aerogel that results in increased surface area, which is utilized for applications such as encapsulation of several liquids or fluids. A semi-sintered aerogel can resist the tensions exerted by fluids, therefore they could be used as storage and transportation of fluids for example rocket hydrogen fuels.


“North America, Europe, and LAMEA to dominate the market”

On regional analysis, it was found that with a value of 39% North America dominated the market for aerogels in 2019. In the same year, Europe with Latin America, the Middle East and Africa accounted for about 34.59 % share. North America’s growth was credited to the fact that consumers are growing more aware of sustainable growth and want to have constructions done based on these principles where the adoption of aerogel would help and get an accelerated market growth for the upcoming period. Europe will have steady growth with a considerable CAGR value, which will take the growth of market growth high in the expected time frame.


The key players for Global Aerogel Market are Aspen, Armacell, Aerogels Inc., Aerogel Technologies, BASF SE, CF Technologies, The Dow Chemical Company, Cabot Corporation, JIOS Aerogel Corporation, Svenska Aerogel Holding AB, and Ocellus Inc. amongst several others.



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