Global Fuel Additives Market is Forecast to Touch USD by 2026, Growing at a CAGR of During 2020 to 2026

Published | 01 December 2020

According to BlueWeave Consulting, The Global Fuel Additives Market has reached USD in 2019 and is further projected to reach USD by 2026, growing at a CAGR during the forecast period. Fuel additives are chemicals, which are utilized in various refinery fuels to enhance the performance characteristics of fuel. Fuel additives play an important role in improving the efficiency and performance of various end-use applications. Emissions affected by fuel are very injurious for human fitness and the environment. These fuel additives help the efficiency of fuels to enhance and increase characteristics such as enhancement in octane number, reduced emissions, improved cetane number, and others. Fuel additives can decrease corrosion effects caused by the fuel inside engines. Enhanced ecological welfares and performance features, governed and backed by many environmental and government organizations is a major factor expected to drive the growth of the global fuel additives market. Also, regulations from various environmental and government agencies to limit emissions and refining fuel efficiency is putting a noteworthy impact on the complete engine system and fuel gears.


The quality of crude oil is degrading 


The excellence of crude oil has been degrading over the years. Most of the sweet oil has already been discovered and is reducing fast. More investment is needed to exploit high-quality fuels that are very difficult to explore and produce. Furthermore, crude oil is heavy and sour and is related to problems in transportation and refining. Thus, the refined products that are obtained are exclusive, motivating up the cost of the final product. The test for refiners is to grow cost-effective technologies that will permit the making of clean and energy-efficient fuels from heavy and unconventional resources while reducing refinery emissions. The technical test for both refiners and customers are to use advanced science and technology to overcome this at the lowermost possible cost.

The refineries procedure a range of crude oil blends from different sources around the world. To handle heavy crudes, cold flow reformers are used to avoid heavy crudes from freezing. Corrosion inhibitors are used in acidic crudes to avoid corrosion, whereas surfactants are added to avoid the settling of impurities. All these factors require refiners to monitor manufacturing equipment closely and use extracts to certify the smooth operation of a refinery.


Increasing use in the automotive and manufacturing sector


Increasing emphasis on emission switch and energy-efficient fuel in the automotive and manufacturing sector is predicted to increase market growth from 2016 to 2024. The firm development of the auto industry, particularly in the Asia Pacific area, coupled with growing consumer alertness concerning fuel additives is probable to activate market development over the prediction period. The rise in high toxic emissions due to expansion in the manufacturing sector along with better usage of vehicles has induced the lawmakers to make stringent regulations across the world, which is motivating the specialty fuel additives market. An upsurge in biofuel consumption across various industries will enhance the global market. One of the broadly used biofuels is ethanol, which acts as an additive to gasoline.


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The diesel section occupies the largest share of the fuel additives market


The diesel section is probable to rule the fuel additives market during the prediction period. The supremacy of the diesel section can be credited to the robust demand for diesel fuel additives in APAC, North America, and Europe. The request for diesel fuel additives is expected to skill a significant rise because of their high ingesting in APAC.


North America is expected to witness significant growth in the market during the forecast period


North America's fuel additives market is assessed to account for a major share in terms of revenue in the global fuel additives market. Asia Pacific fuel additives market is predicted to see the fastest growth in terms of revenue over the next 5 years, due to increasing demand from the automotive aviation industries in countries in this region. China's fuel additives market is anticipated to account for an important share in terms of revenue in the Asia Pacific, owing to the increasing request for high performance and efficiency of vehicles. Increasing disposable income of people and rapid growth in urban and rural areas in countries are several other factors fueling the growth of the petroleum industry, which in turn is probable to fuel the development of fuel additives in this region.


The leading players” in the fuel additives market include, Afton Chemical Corporation (US), Innospec Inc. (US), The Lubrizol Corporation (US), BASF SE (Germany), Infinieum Limited (UK), Evonik Industries AG (Germany), Chevron Oronite Company LLC (US), Lanxess (Germany), Dorf Ketal Chemicals (India), Cummins Inc. (US), and Cerion LLC (US) and other prominent players are expanding their presence in the market by implementing various business strategies. 


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