Global Heating Pads Market to witness Steady Growth and Reach 118 Million by 2026

Published | 20 August 2020

According to Blueweaves Consulting, Global Heating Pad Market size is anticipated to reach USD 118.64 million by 2026 from USD 92 million in 2019, at a CAGR of 3.7 %, over the projection period. The request for heating pad market is expected to grow, given lifestyle changes, lack of workout as well as growing occurrence of pain in neck and back. Besides, the number of people suffering from obesity and sedentary lifestyles is also increasing over time. Obese people with extra fat on the middle part usually pull the pelvis forward, creating pressure on the lower back, augmenting the risk of back pain. Sitting in office chairs for hours, at a stretch, causes lower back pain or deteriorate the existing pain. Over time, improper sedentary posture and poor office ergonomics contribute to repeated episodes of back pain. 


Heat treatment has been traditionally used to heal pain and long-lasting aches. The use of heating pads improves the oxygen flow and nutrients to the muscle, thereby helping muscle recovery. A heating pad is a pad used for heating of parts of the body (necks, backs, etc.) to relieve pain. Smearing heat can reduce pain, relax the strained muscles, and correct muscle contractions. The use of heating pads stimulates the sensual receptors and releases the physiques, thus helping to decline the difficulty and reinstating elasticity. Two types of pads are available- standard heating pad and an infrared heating pad. The standard heating pad uses heat with variable settings on a control pad, whereas the infrared heating pads utilize infrared heat and is used in cases of chronic pain. Multiple types of chemical and electric heating pads, including microwavable, are available in the market with humid and dry heat choices. 

Global Heating Pad Market is segmented based on Type and Application. Based on Type of the Product, the Global Heating Pad Market is divided into Microwavable Heating Pads, Electric Heating Pads, and Chemical Heating Pads. Based on application, it is subdivided into Home use, Medical use, Commercial use and Other use.


The Key Driver of the Heating Pads Market is the prevalence of Chronic Pain due to Sedentary Lifestyle and Obesity


The request for heating pad market is expected to grow due to the increasing rate of chronic pain in different body parts due to sedentary lifestyle and obesity. The number of obese people and working professionals with the sedentary lifestyle is increasing world over, indicating the enormous potential need and subsequent use of heating pads in the forthcoming period.


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North America dominates the Heating Pads Market


The market in North America is anticipated to secure significant market share as usual during the forthcoming period due to the expanding use of heating pads among working and obese population. The Asia Pacific market is expected to witness substantial growth with high CAGR driven by demand for heating pads populated emerging countries like India, China, Japan, South Korea and other South Asian Countries. South Asian Countries have more inclination towards heat treatment for body aches. The growing prevalence of shoulder and back pain among increasing people contribute to the rapid development of the market. 

China supplies most of the heating pads used in the world but lags in use. The promotional activities can play a critical role in tapping this market, given the huge population and occurrence of chronic pain.

The leading players in the market are Sunbeam, Carex, Walgreens, PureRelief, Thermalon, Milliard, Nature Creation, Drive Medical, Kaz, Beady Heat Therapy, BodyMed, Chattanooga Medical Supply, Sunny Bay, Thrive, Beurer, Conair, Dongguan Yu Xin Electronic, Dongguan Yongqi and others.

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