The Global Savory Ingredients Market to grow at Spectacular CAGR of 5.2%, Promising Innovative Flavors and Better Reach to Consumers

Published | August 2020

The aggregate revenues of Global Savory Ingredients Market remained USD 7.20 billion in 2019 and are projected to reach USD 9.76 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 5.20% during the projection period. The savory elements are nothing but flavor enhancers containing certain spices or ingredients that alter the tastes of the food items. The food item doesn't necessitate its own distinct flavor as the flavor is imparted by Savory Ingredients added or given separately in a food packaging.

In the savory product such as cold savory meal and snack, the savory flavor plays a vital role in its industrial process. It provides specific, essential and uniform aroma and taste to the product, which in turn, enhances and distinguishes the taste of food item. The food production houses prepare more and more savory ingredients, and their unique, novel and even bizarre combinations, and they are recognized and enjoyed by the consumers worldwide. It is an ever-growing field of taste, predicted to expand extensively in the future. 


The market is propelled by the burgeoning demand for convenience foods among consumers. Rising disposable earnings and hectic lifestyles have modified food habits of people worldwide leading to more consumption of ready-to-eat food with savory ingredients. The trend is likely to deepen and continue reassuring high growth trajectory similar to that of the past few years.


Furthermore, the savory agents add to the cost-effectiveness for food makers, as they can act as stabilizers, thickening agents, and emulsifiers in numerous food products. The yeast extract among them is the most important natural ingredient used to produce bread, wine and beer. It enhances flavor and is rich in vitamin B, nucleotides, and amino acids. And, its demand will continue to rise for relishing the related products.


Synthetic Flavors Play a Critical Role in the Savory Ingredients Market


The synthetic flavors are artificial flavors extracted through chemical processes. They account for a pivotal part of the global savory ingredients market, based on origin. They are moderately low-priced since they are easy to extract, obtain and accumulate. In this segment, monosodium glutamate, usually known as MSG, is the most widely synthesized ingredient used in savory foods, soups, sauces, and other treated products.


Powdered Section Dominates the Savory ingredients market


Based on form, the savory constituent market is divided into powder, liquid, and other types. The powdered form is projected to capture the prominent share due to its high usage in the food industry. Dry powder constituents are primarily used in dressings, confectioneries, bakery products, and snacks besides savory spice mixes as well as sugary, dried cheese, sauce and soy sauce powders. They are made from fermented beans and roasted ground wheat. 

Key Drivers


Emphasis on Consumption of Plant-based Products


With the growing emphasis on the ingesting of plant-based products and the demand for multi-sensory and healthy flavors among individuals, the savory constituents market is anticipated to register remarkable growth throughout the prediction period. Moreover, the rise in demand for processed snacks with different savory constituents is a reckoning force expected to drive the worldwide savory market forward during the predicted period.


Savory Ingredients Market Growth Driven by Consumers’ Increasing Disposable Income


The rising disposable income of customers in the developed and emerging nations has led the surge in demand ready-made food products. The growing community finds it hard to prepare a meal after the determined activity and choose timesaving food products to refill lost energy. The swelling demand for convenience food items ensures the growth of the savory ingredients market as savory ingredients are widely used in their preparation of convenience meal or ready-to-eat meal. 


The Asia Pacific is expected to Witness Notable Growth in the Market during the Projection Period


In the Asia-Pacific market, related to consumer consciousness limited and compliances related to food-items are inconsistent, giving ample scope for new flavors and usage to food production houses. The customers' progressively busy routines and their preference for ready-to-eat products drive this market. Besides, the expanding consumer-base due to increasing population in merging nations like China, India, and others promises good prospects for this market. Major food corporations such as Givaudan (Switzerland), Kerry Group PLC (Ireland), and Symrise (Germany) support the increasing demand in China and India through investment and production. 


Global Savory Ingredients Market: Competitive Landscape


Companies such as Koninklijke DSM NV (Netherlands), Ajinomoto Co. Inc. (Japan), Kerry Group plc (Ireland), Tate & Lyle plc (UK), Givaudan SA (Switzerland), Lesaffre (France), Symrise AG (Germany), Sensient Technologies Corporation (US), Angel Yeast Co. Ltd. (China), and Vedan International (Holdings) Limited (Hong Kong) and others are prominent players in this global market.