Ultrafast Laser Market is expected to grow at CAGR of 24.96% during 2019-2025

Published | 08 May 2019

According to BlueWeave Consulting, the global Ultrafast Laser market is anticipated to worth USD 4,195 million by 2019, with a CAGR of 24.96% during 2019-2025. The Global Ultrafast Laser Market is expected to grow with a significant rate over the forecast period due to the growing demand in the automobile industry for quality, product miniaturization, high precision, and cost-effectiveness.

The uniqueness of ultrafast Laser to deliver high peak power without thermal damage, which is ideally suited for biological and biomedical applications, will boost the Ultrafast Laser market in the upcoming year. Moreover, the major factor driving the market growth is the growing use of Ultrafast Laser in the automobile industry for performs micro-structuring in the automotive industry. Furthermore, Upsurge in the application of ultrafast lasers for the industrial process such as drilling, cutting, and surface processing due to their high efficiency and precision will accelerate the growth of the Ultrafast Laser market.

Additionally, the use of the ultrafast laser for fabricating three-dimensional structures in transparent solids and for removing the defects in ultrafast laser will contribute to Ultrafast Laser market growth during the forecast period. Also, advancements in ultrafast laser technology as nonlinear imaging in bio-medical for understanding the dynamical processes found in many biological structures are significant drivers for the growth of the global Ultrafast Laser market in the forecast period.

Fiber laser diode type of Ultrafast Laser market is projected to be the leading segment of the overall market during the forecast period.

Based on diode type, the Ultrafast Laser market segmented into Titanium-sapphire lasers, diode-pumped lasers, fiber lasers, and mode-locked diode lasers. Fiber lasers dominate the global Ultrafast Laser owing to their growing need in micromachining and medical diagnostics due to its high stability, superior beam quality, compactness, and power scalability. Diode-pumped lasers will drive by its application in the manufacturing industry for high precision materials processing.

Biomedical is projected to lead the industry for utilizing applications of the Ultrafast Laser during the forecast period.

Based on Application, the global Ultrafast Laser market segmented into biomedical, materials processing, spectroscopy, and imaging, science, and research, & others. By Application, Biomedical will lead the market owing to the growing adoption of Ultrafast Laser for eye surgery and vision correction, dentistry, dermatology, and various kinds of cosmetic treatments such as tattoo removal and hair removal. Materials processing will influence by its uses for cutting, drilling, welding, cladding, soldering, hardening, ablating, surface treatment, micromachining, pulsed laser deposition, and lithography.

Europe accounts for the lion’s share of the global Ultrafast Laser market during the anticipated period.

Based on region, the Ultrafast Laser market segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Europe dominates the world Ultrafast Laser market over the forecast period owing to the presence of major companies coupled with the huge demand of Ultrafast Laser in the medical and manufacturing industry. The Asia Pacific is projected to be the fastest-growing market throughout the forecast period due to the rapid expansion of manufacturing industries which will demand of ultrafast lasers.

Global Ultrafast Laser Market Competitive Landscape

Companies such as Amplitude Systemes, Attodyne Inc., Coherent Inc., Dpss Laser Inc., Fianium Ltd., Ekspla, Laser Quantum Ltd., Clark-MXR, Inc., Epilog Laser, IPG Photonics, JENOPTIK Laser GmbH, Jds Uniphase Corporation, NKT Photonics, Resonetics, and Rofin-Sinar Laser GmbH, are the key players in Ultrafast Laser market across the globe.

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