Global Grain Protein Analyzer Market impelled by the E-agriculture and Digitalization transformation of the grain warehouse

Published | 03 September 2019

E-agriculture is the Internet platform of a global initiative intended to encouraging sustainable agricultural development and food security by enlightening the use of information, communication, and associated technologies in the sector of agriculture. E- Agriculture plays a crucial role in expanding the awareness of technological advancement in the field of agriculture. There are around more than 150 countries associated with the e-agriculture platform.

Evolving field concentrating on the enrichment of agricultural and rural development through enhanced communication and information procedures. More precisely, e-Agriculture includes the conceptualization, design, expansion, assessment, and application of advanced ways to use information and communication technologies in the rural territory, with a significant focus on agriculture. Digital transformation of warehouses helps to analyze the high volume of grain, and with the help of a benchtop grain protein analyzer, the assessment and quality measurements of grains get analyzed rapidly.

BlueWeave Consulting reviews that the global grain protein analyzer market is expected to witness a substantial growth rate during the forecast period. New grain analyzers offer high technology, which permits farmers to share the results of measurements on their phones to compare lots with a short period. Technological developments in the devices for accurate results and to obtain a check for a wide range of contaminants also positively contribute to the market growth. To avoid wastage of grains from pests and to improve the storage period demand for grain analysis has increased significantly.

In the coming years, the market is expected to gain increased popularity owing to the growing consumption of the food grains coupled with the ever-increasing production of the food grains. In the new global market, farmers require to improve their production with high productivity, high quality, and low order to achieve that grain protein analyzer helps them to be more profitable. Seed quality is essential to get healthy grain and to save time and expenditure on assessments grain analyzers play a vital role.

Among type, Portable segment is dominating the market and expected to occupy the highest market share during the forecast period

The Portable grain protein analyzer is the leading segment and anticipated to project a momentous growth rate over the forecast period. A portable analyzer is easy to use and carry. These are available at a lower cost and provides instant results with local language support. It runs on a battery which is required fully charged to get the accurate results.

Among application, Farm segment is the fastest-growing market which captured the largest share during the forecast period

The farm is the leading segment and projected to showcase the momentous growth rate during the forecast period. Owing to advanced features of grain analyzer, which not only helps the farmer check the quality but also offers the improvement and right period of harvesting. Technological advancement is aiding to improve efficiency and lowing the expenditure and time consumption.

Europe is the leading region of the Global Grain Protein Analyzer Market during the forecast period

Europe is the dominating region and growing at a rapid pace of CAGR during the forecast period. Owing to supportive regulations and tax regimes. Growing e-commerce platforms offer farmers to get their device easily at low cost and time. Advanced analyzer helps in the storage of the grains, and saves them from to be affected. North America is a favorable market for the grain protein analyzers owing to rising adoption and awareness of healthy food.

Global Grain Protein Analyzer market Competitive Landscape

Digi-Star International, DICKEY-John, Isoelectric-Electronic Instruments, Pfeuffer Gmbh, Dinamica Generale, Perten Instruments, Tecnocientifica, Draminski, Foss and Zeutec are key players in the industries.

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