India 5G Equipment Market

India 5G Equipment Market Size to Expand at Exhilarating 78.6% CAGR During 2022–2030

Published | 26 October 2022

India 5G equipment market flourishing due to prominent telecom players and the Government of India’s growing focus on the countrywide launch of ultra-high-speed internet services through the fifth generation of cellular network technology (5G).

BlueWeave Consulting, a leading strategic consulting and market research firm, in its recent study, expects India 5G Equipment Market size to grow at a robust CAGR of 78.6% during the forecast period between 2022 and 2030. In October 2022, India officially launched 5G mobile services in the country. An increasing focus of major telecom players and the government on providing 5G services across India is expected to spur the high demand for 5G equipment in the country during the period in analysis. This, in turn, is projected to accelerate the growth of India 5G equipment market at an impressive growth rate. Modern cellular networks employ the latest cutting-edge technologies to offer mobile phone users the best services. The fifth generation of cellular network technology, or 5G, gives users more benefits. In India, it is gradually replacing 4G networks, which serve smartphone users' data access needs. The 5G network helps individuals and developers deploy applications more quickly. On the other hand, having a thorough understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of 5G technology is expected to aid in making the best choice. Demand for fast mobile data may be driving the push for 5G in India, but the cost of the service will remain a key consideration.

India 5G Equipment Market – Overview

The next generation of wireless communication, or 5G, connects people, machines, businesses, and other objects. The ability of 5G to deliver higher multi-Gbps data speeds, enormous bandwidth and network capacity, ultra-low latency, better availability, and more reliability in comparison to other mobile networks is what distinguishes it from other mobile networks in India and other countries. Development of new services, applications, and experiences that are rapidly connecting the world is made possible by this breakthrough in mobile connectivity, known as 5G technology. A 5G network's Enhanced Mobile Broadband (EMBB), Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC), and Machine Machine-type Communication make it possible for IoT, AI, smart buildings, self-driving cars, automated factories, AR/VR experiences, ultra-HD live streaming, telesurgery, and other technologies (MMTC).

Three main enablers accelerating the growth of 5G market in India are stable policy and regulatory environments, sustainable pricing of spectrum, and innovative use cases. The potential end-user industries for 5G include those in agriculture, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, energy & utilities, and media & entertainment. High-speed data transfer in agricultural drones, smart irrigation, precision farming, and monitoring of soil, crop, and livestock are expected to revolutionize the agricultural sector.

5G is expected to hasten the adoption of connected cars, V2X (vehicle to everything), autonomous driving, and smart transportation systems in the automotive sector. According to the forecast, the manufacturing sector is expected to use 5G for connected and smart factories, coordinated planning, a smart supply-chain network, and smart logistical operations. 5G is projected to digitally transform the healthcare sector using connected healthcare, internet of medical things (IoMT), patient data management, and online consultation. Smart cities are also expected to make extensive use of 5G. Smart utility management systems, smart grid and metering systems, smart traffic management systems, smart traffic lights, video surveillance, analytics, and waste management are expected to be the major 5G applications for smart cities.


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India 5G Equipment Market Technology Advancements

India has been the world's largest data consumer. On average, the country accounted for 11 GB of data consumption per month per user. 5G has enormous potential to fill various gaps in current 4G LTE technology, such as low mobility speed, high latency, and capital-intensive deployment. 5G data speeds are fast, which improves mobility and user experience. The widespread adoption of IoT devices and applications is expected to boost India's 5G equipment market. India 5G equipment market is divided into Commercial, Industrial, Government & Defense, Residential based on the end-user; into Network Function Visualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) based on the technology; and Small Cells and Macro Cells segments based on the product. The small cells product type segment is expected to dominate India 5G equipment market, accounting for most of the share.

To build infrastructure, provide spectrum in required 5G bands, and allow new entrants to drive innovation using 5G technology, regulators need to implement supportive regulations. Establishing and implementing the appropriate standards for the rollout of 5G services is another example of regulatory innovation. The government has a national 5G strategy with an emphasis on vertical industries. To ensure IoT and 5G development, the government encouraging smart city initiatives. It is promoting industry participant collaboration to encourage innovations in use cases using 5G technology. Government is also expected to invest in network testing and development.

Impact of COVID–19 on India 5G Equipment Market

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis caused a delay in India's 5G rollout schedule. The initially scheduled June 2020 for 5G spectrum auction was postponed. The Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) also postponed the publication of 5G standards. It, in turn, caused layers to halt the manufacturing of infrastructure tools and gadgets. The delay in the 5G spectrum auction caused major companies, such as Samsung and Oppo. to launch their most recent products in India without 5G support, even though the same products have 5G support features in other markets. India 5G market saw a sharp increase in demand for high-speed data amid the pandemic, despite the delay in 5G launch. Post the pandemic, it is expected that 5G market will benefit from an exponential increase in data traffic, the need for a seamless network connection for remote work, and deepening penetration of IoT devices.

Competitive Landscape

Prominent players in India 5G equipment market include Bharti Airtel Limited, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, Vodafone Idea Limited, AT&T INC., Cisco Systems, Inc., Ericsson, and Nokia Corporation. These companies use R&D, expansions, acquisitions, and new product releases to strengthen their market position.

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