India Wastewater Treatment Plant Market to Witness Remarkable Growth and Reach USD 4.66 billion by 2026

Published | 21 August 2020

According to BlueWeave Consulting, India Wastewater Treatment Plants Market size is expected to reach USD 4.66 billion by 2026 from USD 1.97 billion in 2019 at a CAGR of 13.1 % during the projected period 2020-2026. The increasing environmental compliances, growing water pollution, scarcity of water, and the demand for wastewater services from different industries drive the growth of this market. Under the Zero Liquid Discharge Regulation, the industrial facilities are directed to stop the discharge of wastewater in rivers, lakes, ponds, or sea by 2025. As per the study, more than 60% of wastewater from industries, households and other sources continues to be discharged in water bodies without any treatment, and only 30% of the wastewater generated in India’s metro cities gets treated. The massive gap remains between the need and availability of wastewater treatment facilities, offering tremendous opportunities to new and existing market players. 


Wastewater treatment is concerned with the removal of contaminants from sewage or wastewater to make it recyclable, reusable, and acceptable to the environment. After this treatment, the wastewater can be discharged into water bodies without any risk of pollution. Different Wastewater Treatment plants have been established to treat wastewater from multiple industries and sectors. They include Sewage, Tertiary, Industrial Wastewater, Agriculture Wastewater, and Leachate Treatment plants. 


A municipal sewage treatment process passes through primary, secondary, and final stages of treatment. Industrial Wastewater disposal is a complicated and costly matter. The refineries usually have onsite wastewater treatment facilities to comply with environmental regulations. At the same time, other industries use municipal wastewater treatment plants for treating industrial effluence in the absence of industrial wastewater treatment plants or discharge it untreated in water bodies in India.


India Wastewater Treatment Plants Market is segregated based on the type of the plant, Process, Capacity of the plant, End-user, and Region. Based on Treatment Plant Type, India Wastewater Treatment Plants Market is divided into Industrial wastewater treatment plants and Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants. India lacks municipal wastewater treatment plants to meet the needs of industrialization and urbanization.


“MBBR Process is widely used in Wastewater Treatment in India.”


Wastewater Treatment plants mostly follow two processes viz. Moving Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR) and Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR). MBBR process scores over the SBR process in India and is widely used in India. It is expected to be used widely due to its advantages such as enhanced features, complete solid removal, low maintenance, high efficiency, and less space occupancy. However, fluctuating prices of membrane restrict the growth of the market to some extent.


“The key drivers of the market are Strict Regulations related to Industrial Effluence and Growing Industrialization and Urbanization.”


Central and state governments in India are increasingly implementing environmental policies to ensure ecological balance and reduce water contamination in rivers, sea, lakes, and others. They also emphasize on water conservation and wastewater treatment for the ecological balance due to shrinking freshwater sources. The strict governmental norms and the shortage of water in many regions of India are anticipated to increase the demand for wastewater treatment services.  

India is home to many industries, including Pharmaceuticals, Oil refineries, Textiles, Paper & Pulp, and others and, is witnessing a surge in industrialization and urbanization as part of the development. The expanding manufacturing facilities across the country need wastewater treatment services, driving the growth of the India Wastewater Treatment Plants market.


“Southern States Dominate India Wastewater Treatment Plants Market.”


The southern states dominated the Indian market during the year 2019, followed by West, North, and East regions. The south region is expected to hold a significant market share due to a large number of wastewater treatment plants, growing compliance of government regulations, and substantial industrialization & urbanization during the projected period.


The leading players” in India Wastewater Treatment Plants Market are SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, Thermax Ltd., Doshion Veolia Water Solutions Pvt Ltd., VA Tech Wabag Ltd., Ion Exchange India Ltd., Larsen & Toubro Limited, Ecolab (Nalco Water), Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd., Paramount Limited, Toshiba Water Solutions Private Limited, IVRCL Infrastructures & Projects Ltd. (IVRCL), and others.