Middle East and Africa LiDAR Market

Middle East and Africa LiDAR Market Size Booming 2.4X at Significant CAGR of 15.83% to Touch USD 139.4 Million by 2029

Published | 14 November 2023

Middle East and Africa LiDAR Market is flourishing because of the growing demand from the construction, mining, and agriculture sectors and increasingly high investments by governments in the development of infrastructure.

BlueWeave Consulting, a leading strategic consulting and market research firm, in its recent study, estimated the Middle East and Africa LiDAR Market size at USD 57.72 million in 2022. During the forecast period between 2023 and 2029, BlueWeave expects Middle East and Africa LiDAR Market size to grow at a significant CAGR of 15.83% reaching a value of USD 139.39 million by 2029. Major growth drivers for the Middle East and Africa LiDAR Market include the growing interest in self-driving cars and electric vehicles (EVs). LiDAR sensors are crucial for these technologies, facilitating 3D mapping and precise object detection. Economic growth and the emergence of a middle-class consumer base are driving increased automotive sales in the region, with Saudi Arabia boasting the largest market, selling about 800,000 new cars annually, along with an equal number of used cars. The United Arab Emirates is making strides in the connected car sector, while Saudi Arabia is actively investing in modern defense and infrastructure technologies, further boosting the LiDAR market's growth prospects.

Middle East and Africa LiDAR Market – Overview

The Middle East and Africa LiDAR market refers to the business and industry activities related to Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology within the regions of the Middle East and Africa. LiDAR is a remote sensing technology that uses laser light to measure distances and create detailed 3D representations of the surveyed area or objects. In the context of the Middle East and Africa, the LiDAR market includes various applications of this technology across different sectors, such as: geospatial mapping, environmental monitoring, urban planning, infrastructural development, and transportation and autonomous vehicles.

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Impact of COVID-19 on Middle East and Africa LiDAR Market

COVID-19 pandemic adversely affected the Middle East and Africa LiDAR market. Lockdowns, supply chain disruptions, and economic uncertainties temporarily slowed market growth. However, the need for accurate mapping and monitoring in various applications, including urban planning and infrastructure development, persisted. As economies recovered and adapted to the new normal, LiDAR technology played a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency and safety in industries like construction, agriculture, and autonomous vehicles. This adaptation, coupled with increased investment in technology, drove the Middle East and Africa LiDAR market's resurgence and growth in the post-pandemic era.

Middle East and Africa LiDAR Market – By Deployment

By deployment, the Middle East and Africa LiDAR market is bifurcated into Ground-based and Airborne segments. The airborne segment holds a higher share in the Middle East and Africa LiDAR market by deployment. The predominance of the airborne segment in the MEA LiDAR market can be attributed to the escalating demand for LiDAR-equipped drones, which are revolutionizing the surveying industry by surpassing the limitations of traditional photogrammetry. These drones are lauded for their efficiency in data collection and processing. Moreover, drone-based LiDAR, favored for its cost-effectiveness and time-saving benefits, plays a significant role in archaeological investigations, mining planning, and transportation initiatives. Innovations in LiDAR drone technology are further bolstering its adoption in mining, offering improved reliability and efficiency, making it a standout choice for various applications across the Middle East and Africa.

Competitive Landscape

Major players operating in the Middle East and Africa LiDAR market include Leica Geosystems Ag, Neptec Technologies Corp, Innoviz Technologies Ltd, Sick AG, Trimble Inc, Faro Technologies Inc., Lightware LiDAR, Falcon-3D, Mena 3D, and Globalscan Technologies LLC. To further enhance their market share, these companies employ various strategies, including mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures, license agreements, and new product launches.

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