Digital wireless technology in hearing instruments is expected to propel the Saudi Arabia hearing aids market

Published | 06 September 2019

The most advanced application of digital wireless technology in hearing instruments provide connectivity to external devices and sound sources. Digital wireless technology is a natural progression from well-established analog wireless functionality in hearing instruments. Telecoils and induction loop systems and FM systems show how analog wireless capability selectively amplify desired sounds and connect users directly to sound sources via hearing devices.


According to BlueWeave Consulting, Saudi Arabia's Hearing Aid Market is expected to grow at the momentous growth rate. Increasing consciousness about technically advanced devices for the treatment of hearing disability, and rising occurrence of hearing loss of geriatric population. Increasing initiatives by governments and NGOs to raise consciousness about hearing loss treatments is boosting the demand for hearing aid devices. Increasing noise pollution also has a substantial impact on the hearing abilities of people. Noise emission in heavy-duty industries, as well as public carnivals, is projected to damage the hearing capability of adults, thus increasing the demand for hearing aids devices.


Among product type, Receiver-In-The-Ear Hearing Aids hold the largest market share during the forecast period


Receiver-In-The-Ear Hearing is the fastest-growing segment as compared to others during the forecast period. Advanced features such as Dual-microphones improve speech understanding in noise, the more natural and crisper sound quality given the receiver located inside the ear canal.


Among patient type, the adult patient type is increasing which has captured the largest market share during the forecast period 


Adult patient type is the leading segment in comparison to Pediatric during the forecast period. The middle age group of 15-64 makes up the highest share of the total population - about 64.8%. The 65+ age group comprises 2.8% of the total population. Adult population holds the largest share in the total population of Saudi Arabia and excessive use of electronic devices by adults are leading to hearing loss. In turn, generating the demand for hearing aid in Saudi Arabia.


Among hearing loss type, Sensorineural Hearing Loss is the leading segment with the largest market share during the forecast period 


Sensorineural Hearing Loss is a rapidly growing segment in Saudi Arabia. Aging, Noise, and Rubella during pregnancy, Low birth weight, Head/ear injuries are the main reasons for Sensorineural Hearing Loss. The hair cells can be injured by extreme noise, extended exposure to high-intensity noise from work environment or listening to loud music, making sensorineural hearing loss more common, aiding to the massive demand for hearing aid.

Saudi Arabia hearing aids market competitive landscape

Companies such as are the key players ReSound (GN), Phonak AG, Starkey Hearing Technologies, Widex A/S, RION CO.LTD, Oticon, Signia , Microson , Batterjee & Bros., Cochlear Limited, Arab tone in the industry.

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