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Vietnam Managed Security Services (MSS) Market Size Expands at Significant CAGR of 6.23% to Surpass USD 146 Million by 2030

Published | 19 March 2024

Vietnam Managed Security Services (MSS) Market is expanding rapidly due to increasing focus on thwarting cyber threats, stringent regulatory compliance, adoption of cloud-based solutions, digital transformation initiatives, and growing awareness about cybersecurity risks.

BlueWeave Consulting, a leading strategic consulting and market research firm, in its recent study, estimated the Vietnam Managed Security Services (MSS) Market size by value at USD 90.17 million in 2023. During the forecast period between 2024 and 2030, BlueWeave expects the Vietnam Managed Security Services (MSS) Market size to expand at a CAGR of 6.23% reaching a value of USD 146.22 million by 2030. The Vietnam Managed Security Services (MSS) Market is influenced by several factors. Firstly, the increasing digitization across industries leads to higher demand for cybersecurity solutions. Secondly, the rising sophistication of cyber threats prompts businesses to invest in robust security measures. Thirdly, regulatory compliance requirements drive organizations to adopt MSS to ensure data protection and privacy. Additionally, the growing awareness of the importance of cybersecurity among enterprises fuels market growth. Moreover, the adoption of cloud-based services and the proliferation of IoT devices further contribute to the expansion of the MSS market in Vietnam.

Opportunity – Growing adoption of cloud technologies

The burgeoning adoption of cloud technologies in Vietnam is propelling the demand for Managed Security Services (MSS). As businesses increasingly migrate their operations to the cloud, they face heightened cybersecurity risks, necessitating robust protection measures. MSS providers offer tailored solutions to safeguard cloud infrastructures, applications, and data from evolving threats, driving the market's growth. With businesses prioritizing data security amidst digital transformation, MSS becomes integral, fostering a fertile environment for service providers to offer advanced security solutions tailored to the unique needs of Vietnamese enterprises.

Impact of Escalating Geopolitical Tensions on Vietnam Managed Security Services (MSS) Market   

Escalating geopolitical tensions can significantly impact Vietnam's Managed Security Services (MSS) Market. With increased cyber threats emanating from geopolitical conflicts, the demand for robust security solutions surges. For instance, in recent years, Vietnam has faced growing cybersecurity challenges due to geopolitical tensions in the South China Sea. This has led to heightened awareness among businesses and government entities regarding the importance of MSS to safeguard sensitive data and critical infrastructure. Consequently, there is a notable increase in investment in MSS offerings, including threat intelligence, security monitoring, and incident response services. However, heightened tensions may also lead to stricter regulations and compliance requirements, posing challenges for MSS providers to adapt swiftly. Overall, while geopolitical tensions drive demand, they also introduce complexities and uncertainties in the Vietnam MSS Market landscape.

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Vietnam Managed Security Services (MSS) Market   

Segmental Coverage

Vietnam Managed Security Services (MSS) Market – By Type

Based on type, Vietnam Managed Security Services (MSS) Market is divided into Fully Managed and Co-Managed segments. The fully managed segment is a larger type, encompassing comprehensive security solutions provided by external experts. Fully managed services involve outsourcing the entire security infrastructure, including monitoring, detection, and response, offering clients peace of mind and offloading the burden of cybersecurity management. The segment caters to organizations seeking robust protection against evolving cyber threats without the need for in-house expertise or resources. Its prominence underscores the growing reliance on external partners to fortify digital defenses and ensure uninterrupted operations amidst escalating cyber risks in the Vietnamese market.

Vietnam Managed Security Services (MSS) Market – By Service Type

Based on service type, Vietnam Managed Security Services (MSS) Market is divided into Managed IAM, Managed Vulnerability Management, Managed Risk & Compliance, Managed Detection & Response, Managed Firewall, Managed IDS/IPS, Managed SIEM, and other (including Managed Encryption) segments. The managed detection & response segment is the largest service type in the Vietnam Managed Security Services (MSS) Market. The segment involves the continuous monitoring and analysis of network traffic to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats effectively. With the increasing complexity of cyber threats, businesses prioritize proactive threat detection and swift response mechanisms, making managed detection and response a crucial component of MSS offerings. It encompasses real-time threat hunting, incident investigation, and remediation activities, ensuring organizations can effectively mitigate risks and safeguard their digital assets.

Competitive Landscape

Vietnam Managed Security Services (MSS) Market is fiercely competitive. Major companies in the market include NTT DATA, Inc., AT&T Inc., Wipro Limited, Symantec Corporation, Trustwave Holdings Inc., DXC Technology, Accenture plc, Cisco Systems, Inc., Fortinet, Inc., Dell Technologies Inc, HCL Technologies, Tata Consultancy Services, and Fujitsu. These companies use various strategies, including increasing investments in their R&D activities, mergers, and acquisitions, joint ventures, collaborations, licensing agreements, and new product and service releases to further strengthen their position in the Vietnam Managed Security Services (MSS) Market.

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