Global Biomarkers Market Bwc20076

Global Biomarkers Market Bwc20076

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Global Biomarkers Market, By Product (Consumables, Service),Type (Safety, Efficacy, Validation), Disease Indication (Cancer, Cardiovascular Disorders), Application (Diagnostics Development, Drug Discovery and Development, Disease-Risk), By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and the Middle East & Africa); Trend Analysis, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2016-2026

  • Published Date: June 2020
  • Report ID: BWC-20076
  • Available Format: PDF
  • Page: 165

Report Overview

Global Biomarkers Market – Market Outlook & Trends

The Global Biomarkers Market was assessed at USD 40.1 billion in 2019 and might reach USD 101.2 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 14.2 %, over the forecast period. Development in the global biomarkers the industry is mainly driven by reasons such as increasing diagnostic applications of biomarkers, increasing R&D funding for pharma and biotech companies, a growing number of CROs, and low cost of clinical trials in emerging countries, the high occurrence of cancer, and new initiatives for research. On the other hand, high capital savings and low cost-benefit ratio poorly suitable regulatory and repayment systems, and technical issues related to sample group and storage are the significant elements confining the development of this market?

Global Biomarkers Market – Overview

A biomarker is a material that can be presented among creatures to inspect organ functions or other features of their health. A biomarker is objectively evaluated and measured as an indication of typical pathogenic processes, biological processes, or pharmacologic responses to therapeutic interventions. Biomarkers indicate a wide variety of illnesses or health features along with the type or level of contact to genetic susceptibility to environmental exposure, environmental factor, genetic responses markers of clinical or subclinical diseases, and pointers of response to therapy.

Growth Drivers

Increasing the usage of biomarkers in cancer treatment

Biomarkers are used in application areas such as companion diagnostics, personalized medicines, and other diagnostic measurements, including drug discovery and growth and disease risk assessment. These growing diagnostic uses of biomarkers are predictable to drive market growth in the coming years. Companion diagnostics and biomarkers have become progressively pertinent in the practice of medicine, foremost to improved diagnosis, dealing, and monitoring across several disease areas. It can be used to recognize patients likely to reply well to certain drugs or cure options. These diagnostics are often used with a specific drug.

Technological Advancement

Technological advancements have permitted the grouping of biomarkers with novel drugs for precise diagnosis and following cure options. For instance, biomarkers can be functional for the cure of several neurological diseases by stalking brain health and activity by examining biomolecules. Nascent developments, such as biomarker signatures, have augmented the treatment rate of nervous disorders resulting in early diagnosis, non-invasive testing, and rapid drug development.

Global Biomarkers Market: Segmentation

Based on type, the biomarkers market is segmented into safety, efficacy, and validation biomarkers. The effectiveness biomarkers segment is additionally categorized into pharmacodynamic, predictive, surrogate, and prognostic biomarkers.

In 2016, the safety biomarkers section accounted for the leading share of the biomarkers market. However, the usefulness biomarkers segment is projected to record the highest CAGR during the prediction period. The efficacy biomarkers segment is predictable to register the highest growth during the forecast period, chiefly due to the wide variety of products obtainable in the market and the growing acceptance of these biomarkers for various applications.

By application, the personalized medicine segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. Biomarkers are mainly used in disease risk assessment, diagnostics, drug discovery & development, personalized medicine, and other applications (DNA fingerprinting, ecotoxicology, and forensics). The use of biomarkers for the analysis of complex diseases, including neurological disorders, cancer, cardiovascular disorders, is increasing. This primary factor drives the growth of the investigative segment of the biomarker market. However, with rising demand for custom-designed treatment plans for diseases like cancer, the personalized medicine segment is expected to witness the highest development in the forecast period.

By disease indication, the cardiovascular disorder segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. Biomarkers are widely used in the analysis and management of multiple diseases. Physiological levels of biomarkers also alteration depend upon the administration of drugs. The study of numerous biomarkers helps clinicians make meaningful choices about the diagnosis, disease stage, therapy plan, and forecast in patients.

Based on the disease indication, this report falls into cancer, cardiovascular disorders, neurological illnesses, immunological disorders, and other illness indications. Cancer forms the most significant segment primarily due to the growing occurrence of disease internationally and the increasing use of biomarkers in cancer diagnostics.

Geographically, the Global Biomarkers Market falls into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA regions.

Global Biomarkers Market: Regional insights

North America conquered the biomarkers market globally in 2018 and is likely to remain leading over the forecast period as well. This local dominance can be attributed to the regional occurrence of major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, increasing adoption of the newest technologies, and recognized healthcare infrastructure. The U.S. is the leading biomarker market in North America, which might list the highest CAGR in the years ahead.

The Asia Pacific region is predictable to record high development in the biomarkers markets internationally in the years ahead. The rising frequencies of chronic diseases like cancer, neurological disorders, and cardiovascular diseases, rising support of the local governments for drug discovery and growth programs, quickening biomarkers mindfulness for disease analysis, and large patient pool are the significant elements boosting the biomarkers market development in the Asia Pacific. China, Japan, and India are forecast to be major funders to the Asia Pacific biomarkers market in the future. The favorable environment for clinical trials in the Asia Pacific is likely to fuel the biomarkers market over the prediction period.

Competitive Landscape

Qiagen N.V., Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, PerkinElmer Inc., Merck KGaA, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Abbott Laboratories, EKF Diagnostics, Enzo Biochem Inc., Meso Scale Diagnostics, LLC, Diagnosis, and PerkinElmer Inc. and other prominent players.

Recent Development

Ø  March 2020: F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd announced the approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its CINtec PLUS Cytology as the first biomarker-based triage test for women. Primary cervical cancer screening results are favorable for the human papillomavirus (HPV) using the Cobas 4800 HPV Test.

Ø  February 2018: Evidation Health announced the launch of their new project DisCover which is a 10,000-person chronic pain study. The key aim is to use activity trackers, health apps, and other more traditional data points and develop a digital biomarker for chronic pains.

Scope of the Report

By Product

Ø  Consumables

Ø  Service

By Type

Ø  Safety

Ø  Efficacy

Ø  Validation

By Disease Indication

Ø  Cancer

Ø  Cardiovascular Disorders

By Application

Ø  Diagnostics Development

Ø  Drug Discovery and Development

Ø  Disease-Risk

By Region

Ø  North America

Ø  Europe

Ø  Asia Pacific

Ø  South America

Ø  Middle East & Africa

The objective of the Study:

Ø  To analyze and forecast the Global Biomarkers Market size of the market in terms of value.

Ø  To examine the careful market segmentation and forecast the market size, in terms of value, based on the region by segmenting the Global Biomarkers Market. It falls into five parts, namely, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, South America, and their leading countries.

Ø  To outline, categorized forecast the Global Biomarkers Market based on the Product, Type, By Disease Indication, By Application, and Regional.

Ø  To examine competitive developments like Product, Type, Disease Indication, Application, and Region within the Global Biomarkers Market.

Ø  To highlight the impact analysis of the factors affecting the market dynamics.

Ø  To strategically profile the key players and comprehensively analyze their market shares along with detailing the competitive landscape for market leaders.

Questions Answered by the Report

Ø  How will the market drivers, restraints, and opportunities affect the market dynamics?

Ø  What will be the market size in terms of value and volume and market statistics with a detailed classification?

Ø  Which segment dominates the market or region, and which one will be the fastest-growing, and why?

Ø  Who are the key players in the market, and what is their share?

Ø  What is the strategy adopted by key players, and how does it affect the existing and new players?


Customization Scope for the Client:

Client satisfaction is our first and last priority, and that is why BlueWeave Consulting offers customization as per the client’s specific needs. The following customization options are available for the report:

Ø  Additional Company Information

Ø  Detail Analysis of five additional companies

Ø  Additional country analysis

Ø  Detailed segment analysis




Years Considered

Historical data – 2016-2018

Base Year – 2019

Forecast – 2020 – 2026

Facts Covered

Revenue in USD Billion

Market Coverage

U.S, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, China, India, South Korea UAE, South Africa, Saudi Arabia.

Product/Service Segmentation

By Product, By Type, By Disease Indication, By Application, and By Region

Key Players

Qiagen N.V., Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, PerkinElmer Inc., Merck KGaA, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Abbott Laboratories, EKF Diagnostics, Enzo Biochem Inc., Meso Scale Diagnostics, LLC, Diagnosis, and PerkinElmer Inc. and other prominent players.


1.    Research Framework

1.1.     Research Objective

1.2.     Product Overview

1.3.     Market Segmentation

2.    Research Methodology

2.1.     Qualitative Research

2.1.1.   Primary & Secondary Sources

2.2.     Quantitative Research

2.2.1.   Primary & Secondary Sources

2.3.     Market Breakdown & Data Triangulation

2.3.1.   Secondary Research

2.3.2.   Primary Research

2.4.     Breakdown of Primary research respondent, By Region

2.5.     Assumption & Limitation

3.    Executive Summary

4.    Global Biomarker market Industry Insights

4.1.     Industry Value Chain Analysis

4.2.     DROC Analysis

4.2.1.   Growth Drivers

4.2.2.   Restraint

4.2.3.   Opportunities

4.2.4.   Challenges

4.3.     Technological Landscape/Recent Development

4.4.     Regulatory Framework

4.5.     Company Market Share Analysis, 2019

4.6.     Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

4.6.1.   Bargaining Power of Suppliers

4.6.2.   Bargaining Power of Buyers

4.6.3.   Threat of New Entrants

4.6.4.   Threat of Substitutes

4.6.5.   Intensity of Rivalry

4.7.     Impact of COVID 19

5.    Global Biomarker market Overview

5.1.     Market Size & Forecast by Value, 2016-2026

5.1.1.   By Value (USD Million)

5.2.     Market Share & Forecast

5.2.1.   By Product       Consumables       Service

5.2.2.   By Type       Safety       Efficacy       Validation

5.2.3.   By Disease Indication       Cancer       Cardiovascular Disorders

5.2.4.   By Application       Diagnostics Development       Drug Discovery and Development       Disease-Risk

5.2.5.   By Region   North America   Europe   Asia Pacific   Latin America   Middle East & Africa

6.    North America Biomarker Market

6.1.     Market Size & Forecast by Value, 2016-2026

6.1.1.   By Value (USD Million)

6.2.     Market Share & Forecast

6.2.1.   By Product

6.2.2.   By Type

6.2.3.   By Disease Indication

6.2.4.   By Application

6.2.5.   By Country     United States     Canada

7.    Europe Biomarker market

7.1.     Market Size & Forecast by Value, 2016-2026

7.1.1.   By Value (USD Million)

7.2.     Market Share & Forecast

7.2.1.   By Product

7.2.2.   By Type

7.2.3.   By Disease Indication

7.2.4.   By Application

7.2.5.   By Country     Germany     United Kingdom     France     Italy     Spain     Rest of Europe

8.    Asia Pacific Biomarker Market

8.1.     Market Size & Forecast by Value, 2016-2026

8.1.1.   By Value (USD Million)

8.2.     Market Share & Forecast

8.2.1.   By Product

8.2.2.   By Type

8.2.3.   By Disease Indication

8.2.4.   By Application

8.2.5.   By Country       India       China       Japan       South Korea       Rest of Asia Pacific

9.    Latin America Biomarker Market

9.1.     Market Size & Forecast by Value, 2016-2026

9.1.1.   By Value (USD Million)

9.2.    Market Share & Forecast       By Product       By Type       By Disease Indication       By Application       By Country          Brazil          Mexico          Rest of Latin America

10.Middle East & Africa Biomarker Market

10.1.   Market Size & Forecast by Value, 2016-2026

10.1.1.                By Value (USD Million)

10.2. Market Share & Forecast    By Product    By Type    By Disease Indication    By Application    By Country       Saudi Arabia       UAE       South Africa       Rest of Middle East & Africa

11.Company Profile (Company Overview, Financial Matrix, Key Product landscape, Key Personnel, Key Competitors, Contact Address, and Strategic Outlook) *

11.1. Qiagen N.V.

11.2. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

11.3. F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd,

11.4. PerkinElmer Inc.,

11.5. Merck KGaA,

11.6. Bio-Rad Laboratories,

11.7. Abbott Laboratories,

11.8. EKF Diagnostics

11.9. Enzo Biochem Inc.

11.10.                Meso Scale Diagnostics, LLC

11.11.                Signosis,

11.12.                Other Prominent Players

* Financial details in case of unlisted companies will be available as per data availability

**The segmentation and the companies are subjected to modifications based on in-depth secondary for the final deliverable.

Market Segmentation

No data available

  By Product

Ø  Consumables

Ø  Service

·         By Type

Ø  Safety

Ø  Efficacy

Ø  Validation

·         By Disease Indication

Ø  Cancer

Ø  Cardiovascular Disorders

·         Application

ØDiagnostics Development

ØDrug Discovery and Development


·         By Region

ØNorth America


ØAsia Pacific

ØSouth America

ØMiddle East & Africa

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