Global Metal Finishing Equipment Market

Global Metal Finishing Equipment Market

Global Metal Finishing Equipment Market, Type (Inorganic Metal Finishing, Organic Metal Finishing, and Hybrid Metal Finishing), Application (Automotive, Appliances, Hardware, Jewelry, Aerospace, Heavy Equipment, Medical Devices, Electronics, Construction, and Other Applications),By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and the Middle East & Africa); Trend Analysis, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2016-2026

  • Published Date: May 2020
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Report Overview

Global Metal Finishing Equipment Market – Market Forecast & Trends

The reasons motivating the development of the market considered are growing requests for long-lasting, wear-resistant metal products, and increasing requests for electric vehicles in the Asia-Pacific region. On the flip side, environmental limits on some metal finishing chemicals and replacement of metal by high-performance plastics are somehow going to hamper the market growth. The shift from old-style solvent-borne technologies to newer technologies is likely to deliver chances for the market during the estimated period.

Due to the environment-responsiveness of the metal finishing procedure dropping operational costs due to current progressions in metal finishing technologies, the market is predicted to witness significant growth in the prediction time. Some of these technologies are hot-dip galvanization and laser covering technique, which provide metal constituents with resistance against tarnish, wear and tear, and corrosion. The placement of these technologies in the growing manufacturing sectors in several developing countries, such as India and China, is predictable to add to the development of the market.

Global Metal Finishing Equipment Market – Overview

Metal finishing equipment is used for transport out metal concluding tasks for different metal components. Under the final metal process, a metal coating is done over a metallic part/substrate, and it also involves polishing and cleaning of the surface. The metal finishing process helps in improving arrival, conflict to corrosion, wear resistance, and hardness, tarnish resistance, chemical resistance and altering the conductivity of the substrate

The increasing ecological and health worries related to metal finishing hamper the development of the metal finishing equipment market to some extent. Since the metal finishing process involves the widespread practice of toxic chemicals, which are dangerous to humans and to the ecology. Numerous countries across the world are limiting the use of such chemicals across various industries, which in turn, may serve as a limit for the market.

Growth Drivers

Recent growth in the aerospace industry

The current growth in the aerospace industry is also motivating the metal finishing equipment market. The aerospace industry mainly concentrated on the growth of aircraft and spacecraft and their supplementary systems. The industry is capital-intensive and is categorized by the use of highly classy and progressive technologies. The manufacture of an airplane and its constituents is based on several severe parameters, among which quality is of utmost importance. Thus, high acceptance of the metal finishing process in aircraft manufacturing is predictable to effort the market during the prediction period.


Increasing demand for electric vehicles in the Asia-Pacific region

The change from old-style solvent-borne technologies to newer technologies is likely to deliver chances for the market during the prediction period. Asia-Pacific conquered the worldwide market with a healthy request from end-user industries, such as electronics, automotive, construction, and hardware. The growing savings and production in the automotive sector, rising electrical and electronics manufacturing, and rushing demand for heavy equipment, with multinational companies capitalizing in the industrial area, are some of the main issues motivating the request for metal concluding in the region.

Global Metal Finishing Equipment Market: Segmentation

The metal finishing equipment market is categorized into inorganic, organic, and hybrid metal finishing based on Type. Amid these, inorganic metal finishing equipment kind accounted for the primary market share in the market, due to its great practice in automotive and aerospace components. Aerospace plating is extensively approved over different aircraft components that ensure the defense of critical aerospace constituents.

Amongst applications, the automotive industry conquered the request for metal finishes. Metal finishing is one of the projecting methods used to offer a defensive layer on the metal constituents of vehicles. In addition, automotive industrialists are using metal finishing process to defend the vehicle constituents from corrosion, and wear and tear produced due to climatic circumstances and regular usage of vehicles.

Geographically, the Global Metal Finishing Market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA regions. Asia-Pacific dominated the global market, with healthy request from end-user industries, such as electronics, and hardware, automotive, construction.

Global Metal Finishing Equipment Market: Regional insights

The Asia-Pacific region conquered the market. The growing savings and making in the automotive industry, increasing electrical and electronics production, and pouring requests for heavy equipment, with multinational companies capitalizing in the industrial sector, are some of the main factors driving the demand for metal concluding in the region.

China is the main producer of automobiles in the world. The automotive sector in China has been shaping up for product development, with the country concentrating on manufacturing products, to safeguard fuel economy and diminish emissions, due to the swelling environmental concerns due to increasing pollution in the country.

However, the market observed a shrink in 2018, as the production decreased by 4.2%. It was also the first time that the market observed a drib in sales, after nearly 20 years of development.

Competitive Landscape

OC Oerlikon Management AG, Linde (Praxair Inc.), C.Uyemura & CO.,LTD., Sequa (The Carlyle Group), and Honeywell International Inc, among others.

Recent Development

In 2018, more than 55.0% market share was held by APAC by generating the largest demand for metal finishing equipment.

·         By Type

Ø  Inorganic Metal Finishing

ü  Cladding

ü  Pretreatment/Surface Preparation

ü  Consumables and Spares

ü  Electroplating

ü  Galvanization

ü  Electro Less Plating

ü  Conversion Coatings

ü  Thermal Spray Powder Coating

ü  Anodizing

ü  Electro Polishing

Ø  Organic Metal Finishing

Ø  Hybrid Metal Finishing

·         Application

Ø  Automotive

Ø  Appliances

Ø  Hardware

Ø  Jewellery

Ø  Aerospace

Ø  Heavy Equipment

Ø  Medical Devices

Ø  Electronics

Ø  Construction

Ø  Other Applications

·         By Region

Ø  North America

Ø  Europe

Ø  Asia Pacific

Ø  South America

Ø  Middle East & Africa


The objective of the Study:

Ø  To analyze and forecast the Global Metal Finishing Equipment Market size of the market in terms of value.

Ø  To examine the careful market segmentation and forecast the market size, in terms of value, based on the region by segmenting.

Ø  The Global Metal Finishing Equipment Market segmented into five regions, namely, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, South America, and their leading countries.

Ø  To outline, categorized, and forecast the Global Metal Finishing Equipment Market based on the Type, By Application and Regional.

Ø  To examine competitive developments like by Type, By Application and Regional within the Global Metal Finishing Equipment Market.

Ø  To highlight the impact analysis of the factors affecting the market dynamics such as growth drivers.

Ø  To strategically profile the key players and comprehensively analyze their market shares along with detailing the competitive landscape for market leaders.


Business Questions Answer by the Report

Ø  How will the market drivers, restraints, and opportunities affect the market dynamics?

Ø  What will be the market size in terms of value and volume and market statistics with a detailed classification?

Ø  Which segment dominates the market or region, and one will be the fastest - growing, and why?

Ø  A comprehensive survey of the competitive landscape and the market participant players

Ø  Analysis of strategy adopted by the key player and their impact on other players.

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Additional Company Information

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