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India Biscuits Market, By Product Type (Cookies, Cream Biscuits, Glucose & Milk Biscuits, Marie biscuits, Salt Crackers Biscuits, and others), By Category (Premium Biscuits and Non-Premium Biscuits), By Distribution Channel (Retail Stores, Specialty Retailers and Online Distributors), By Region (North, South, East and West), Size and Forecast, 2015-2025

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India Biscuits Market: Overview

India Biscuits market is estimated to grow with a significant growth rate during the forecast period. Owing to a change in consumer taste & preferences, increasing health-conscious consumers, and rising demand for convenience food. Biscuit industry is one of the largest food industries in India, produces 5000 tons of biscuits every day.  Rise in the innovation of biscuits product offerings, increasing per capita household income, the surge in consumer spending on food products will lead the market over the forecast period. Moreover, the consumers are more conscious than ever before and the movement toward healthy eating habits is one of the greatest influencers of the India biscuit industry.

Bakery industry is one of the oldest businesses in India, which is modernizing and is constantly changing in terms of product range and services due to the high nutrient value. India is the second largest producer of biscuits in the world after the USA. Increasing indulgence, health concerns, and familiarity with luxurious taste, which has developed among Indian consumers, have led Indian manufacturers to experiment with a variety of biscuits and cookies. This has also led to higher growth in the premium segment compared to the economic and mid segments of the industry.

Cookies type is projected to be the fastest growing segment in the India biscuits market.

On the basis of product type, the India biscuits market has been segmented into Cookies, Cream Biscuits, Glucose & Milk Biscuits, Marie biscuits, Salt Crackers Biscuits, and others. Cookies segment is estimated to be the fastest growing product type of India biscuit market during the forecast period 2019-2025.

Consumers taste has been changing continuously with time. With increasing purchasing power, consumers are readily paying for taste and quality products. In India, there are lots of festivals people celebrate. Giving away sweets & chocolates were used to be a tradition earlier, but due to fear of adulteration in sweets, consumers have shifted to buy premium cookies in place of sweets. Gifting options pertaining to high-end cookies is a key trend prevalent in metro cities owing to its longer shelf life as compared to chocolates and sweets.

Non-premium category biscuits are the leading segment in the India biscuits market.

On the basis of category, the India biscuits market has been segmented into premium biscuits and non-premium biscuits. Non-premium biscuits dominate the market over the forecast period 2019-2025. Due to Large population base which majorly comprises rural population creates a huge demand for an affordable biscuit. Premium biscuits are projected to exhibit the fastest growth rate during the forecast period. Due to variation in premium biscuit products, increasing awareness among consumers, widening of distribution channels coupled with high visibility and accessibility of biscuits in retail outlets are further forecast to drive the market in the coming years.

Retail stores Distribution channel is projected to dominate the India biscuits market during the forecast period.

On the basis of the distribution channel, the India biscuits market has been segmented into Retail Stores, Specialty Retailers, and Online Distributors. The retail store’s channel is witnessing high growth. Retail stores have high growth potential due to the presence of large middle-income group further new wave of expansion through the compact store format will favor the biscuits demand in retail stores. Convenience stores represent the largest segment followed by supermarkets and hypermarkets owing to the rising number of health-conscious consumers, expanding the working population and increasing urbanization are boosting the country’s biscuits market. Apart from normal stores e-commerce is the next big sector in India.

Objective of the Study:

·         To analyze and forecast market size of the India biscuits market, in terms of value & volume.

·         To examine the careful market segmentation and forecast the market size, in terms value, on the basis of region by segmenting India biscuits market into four regions namely, North, South, East, and West.

·         To outline, categorized and forecast the India biscuits market on the basis of category, packaging type and distribution channel.

·         To examine competitive developments like expansions, technological advancement, services, and regulative framework within the India biscuits market.

·         To highlight the impact analysis of the factors, affecting the market dynamics such as drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges.

·         To strategically profile the key players and comprehensively analyze their market shares along with detailing the competitive landscape for market leaders.

India Biscuits Market Competitive Landscape

Companies such as Parle Products Pvt. Ltd., Britannia Industries, ITC Limited, Mondelez India Foods Pvt. Ltd., Surya Food & Agro Ltd., Anmol Biscuits Ltd., SAJ FOOD PRODUCTS (P) LTD, UNIBIC Foods India Pvt. Ltd., Dukes Products India Limited, and Mrs Bector Food Specialities ltd., Patanjali, Dukes, Horlicks, Karachi Bakery are the leading players in the India biscuits market.

Key Target Audience:

·         Market research and consulting firms

·         Industry associations

·         Raw material suppliers

·         Biscuits manufacturers

·         Research organizations and consulting companies

·         Organizations, associations and alliances related to biscuits market

·         Regulatory bodies

Scope of the Report

By Product Type

·         Cookies

·         Cream Biscuits

·         Glucose & Milk Biscuits

·         Marie biscuits

·         Salt Crackers Biscuits

·         Others

By Category

·         Premium Biscuits

·         Non-Premium Biscuits

By Distribution Channel

·         Retail Stores

·         Specialty Retailers

·         Online Distributors

In addition, the report provides analysis of the India biscuits market with respect to the following geographic segments and their high performing regions:

·         North

·         South

·         East

·         West

Business Questions answer by the report

·         How will the market drivers, restraints and opportunities affect the market dynamics?

·         What will be the market size in terms of value and volume and market statistics with detailed classification

·         Which segment dominates the market or region and one will be the fastest growing and why?

·         A comprehensive survey of the competitive landscape and the market participant players

Analysis of strategy adopted by the key player and their impact on other players

Customization Scope for the Client

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Additional Company Information

·         With five additional company detail analysis.

·         Additional country analysis.

·         Detailed segment analysis.