What is Metaverse and why is it gaining popularity?

The term Metaverse could be tracked down to 1992 when a novel called Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson got published. The novel described a virtual reality dataspace, which was then called the Matrix.

What is Metaverse and why is it gaining popularity

Ukraine Russia War Crisis

As world leaders work to ease tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the crisis in eastern Europe has the potential to spread to other nations. Thousands of Russian troops have gathered outside Ukraine, raising concerns about an invasion. Moscow's full on assault of Kyiv could begin at any time,' according to the White House.

Ukraine Russia War Crisis

Interest in Cryptocurrencies Continues to Grow

A cryptocurrency has been developed as a medium of exchange, which is digital, encrypted as well as decentralized. Unlike the dollar bills and other currencies across the world, there is no centralized authority managing and maintaining the exchanges that happen in cryptocurrency...

Interest in Cryptocurrencies Continues to Grow

Union Budget 2022 – Announcements and Impact on Various Sectors in India

On February 1, 2022, the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Budget 2022.  The Finance Minister defined the budget with a vision “Amrit Kaal - The 25-year-long lead up to India@100.” The main objective as defined by the Finance Minister is to combine over the next quarter of a century with a focus on growth and ‘all-inclusive welfare’. Few of the major announcements have made it clear that the government’s priorities lie in long term growth and sustainability rather than short term focus, with apparent absence of a sense of urgency in the budget.

Union Budget 2022

Autonomous Vehicles – A Market with Enormous Potential

An unmanned (autonomous) vehicle is a vehicle that uses a combination of sensors, cameras, radar, and artificial intelligence (AI) to move between destinations without an operator. A Vehicles are considered completely self-driven or autonomous if they travel without human intervention to a prearranged destination on roads.

Autonomous Vehicles

Semiconductor Market Looking on the Bright Side with Growing Demand for EVs

Semiconductors are an essential component of modern electronic devices and modern vehicles. Semiconductor chips have enabled advancements in communications, computing, healthcare, military systems, transportation, clean energy, and countless other applications around the world.

Semiconductor Market Demand in Electric Vehicle

The 6th Largest Economy’s Move to Become the Hub of Semiconductor Manufacturing: Potential Opportunity or Still a Far Cry?

An electric integrated circuit that happens to control the flow of current flowing through an electronic device is a pivotal component for the functioning of electronic devices. The chip that is used in almost every electronic device that we use during our daily lives, from laptops, smartphones, to cars, refrigerators, and game consoles has been gaining attention lately:

Semiconductor Manufacturing in India

How are Electric Vehicles Revolutionizing the Auto Industry?

The sales of electric vehicles are surging rapidly with China and Tesla leading the charge. The company sold 56,000+ electric cars in China in September 2021. Moreover, CEO of Chinese EV Company Nio said that the industry should be able to meet the government's goal of having EVs account for 20% of total sales next year, three years ahead of target.

How are Electric Vehicles Revolutionizing the Auto Industry?