Chemicals And Materials

The market growth of resorcinol is attributed to factors such as high cost-effectiveness, chemical stability, resistance to solvents, salt-water, acids, and oil. It is also used in manufacturing light screening agents, which are used to protect plastic products against ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Demand for carbon nanotubes is rising due to the growing demand for lightweight structural polymer composites and antistatic packaging from automotive, electronics, energy, and industrial end-users..

The growth in the aerospace plastics market is attributed to the increasing replacement of old aircraft and the upgradation of existing aircraft along with the growing order of commercial aircraft in emerging economies.

The growth of the global lithium-ion battery market is attributed to the surging demand for consumer electronics goods and expanding production of electric vehicles is emerging along with research and development activities to boost the capacity of lithium-ion batteries.

The global textile chemicals market is witnessing modest growth on account of increasing demand for textiles and apparels due to changing fashion trends, increasing population as well as rising disposable income of the consumers across the globe..

The rising application of metallic nanoparticles in data storage, batteries, and fuel cells is driving the growth of the global metal nanoparticles market.

Several factors are driving the growth of the Asia-Pacific Thermal Paper system market, including changes in the retail landscape, the growing demand for convenience food, and technological advances in the cold chain market. Read on to learn more about the factors propelling the market forward.

The increasing application of zeolites in various sectors, such as agriculture, construction, petrochemical, etc., is driving its market growth. Additionally, rising hygiene concerns and the growing demand for detergents are projected to drive the market throughout the forecast period.

The growth of the India industrial lubricant market can be ascribed to rapid industrialization in the country. Furthermore, the market is being driven by significant growth in other sectors, such as automotive, agriculture, construction, mining etc.

Chemical substances that control all aspects of plant growth and development are called plant growth regulators. Saudi Arabia plant growth regulators' market is driven by factors such as increased fruit and vegetable production and demand for organic plant growth methods. Another indirect factor expected to foster market expansion over the forecast period is an increased focus on enhancing crop output to achieve self-sufficiency.