Chemicals And Materials

Global fire-resistant cable market is registering a healthy growth worldwide. The market is likely to grow due to the growing demand for fire-resistant cables in the building and construction, industrial, energy, and automotive industries.

Global geofoam market is being driven by the increasing demand from end-user industries due to their superior properties. Additionally, the easy availability of geofoams as an alternative to traditional land stabilization materials is also favoring the market growth.

Global antimicrobial coatings market was is gaining significant traction over the past few years because of its prominent use in the end-user industries such as healthcare, food and packaging, construction, sanitary, etc.

The global cobalt-60 market is anticipated to register impressive growth during the forecast period due to the growing usage of cobalt-60 in various applications such as medical, industrial, agriculture, and others...

The global fatty alcohol market is growing at high rate owing to its increasing demand in end-user industries, such as personal care, pharmaceuticals, cleaning and plasticizers etc., along with the growing demand for biodegradable products for the production of certain goods.

The global commodity plastic market is being driven by the widespread use of commodity plastic in packaging, consumer goods, electronics, automobiles, and other industries. The global market is also expected to grow due to an increase in demand for use-and-throw plastics and personal protective equipment kits.

A number of factors contribute to the high growth rate of the epoxy curing agents market including increasing demand for epoxy curing agents in the building and construction industry for paint and coating applications and the launch of innovative products.

The global anti-fingerprint coating market is gaining significant traction because of the increasing demand for various consumer goods such as smartphones, wearables, laptops and tablets, etc. Additionally, advancements made in chemical technologies is also driving market growth.

Global superabsorbent polymers (SAP) market is expanding at a rapid rate, owing to the rising demand for diapers as a result of rising birth rates and a growing geriatric population. The increased awareness of menstrual hygiene and feminine hygiene product demand is also driving the market growth.

Global plastisol market is growing with the widening application of plastisol's in various end user industries like automobiles where it has been used for manufacturing component covers, and other uses such as cable shrouds, sleeves, hand gear grips, bellows, gaiters, etc.