Chemicals And Materials

The global conductive silver paste market is projected to witness substantial growth in the near future due to the rising automotive production, growing emphasis on consumption of renewable energy sources and implementation of Industry 4.0. Growing government initiatives to promote solar energy also contribute to the market's growth.

The global self-healing materials market is propelled by factors such as the booming construction and transportation industries, as well as increased R&D activities in the creation of self-healing polymers and increased awareness of self-healing technologies.

Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET foam is a type of thermoplastic polymer foam.They are extremely recyclable, chemically stable, and have a low absorption rate of water. Additionally, PET foam has wide applications due to the various benefits it offers such as lightweight, high mechanical strength, high-temperature resistance as compared to other types of plastics.

Once known as white vitriol, Zinc Sulfate is an inorganic chemical with the formula ZnSO4. It's a crystalline solid that iscolorless, odorless, and tasteless. The solution is easily soluble in water, has a slight acidity, and is only mildly soluble in ethanol and glycerol.

Mirror coatings are used to polish the surface of the mirror to make it reflective. These protective layers are applied to the rear surface of silver or aluminum glass mirrors for optical reflection. It helps to retain the end product's quality in terms of durability, texture, and color.

The Europe rigid HDPE IBC market is anticipated to grow due to the growing chemical industry which usesrigid HDPE drums for transportation and storage of chemicals for different grade.

The rising demand for lightweight components from the electronics, automotive, aerospace & defense, wind energy, and sporting goods industries, etc. is the key driver for the global prepreg market.

The global surface disinfectant market was worth USD 3.34 billion in the year 2020 and is flourishing at the rate of CAGR 6.5%. It is projected to reach a market worth of USD 5.13 billion by the year 2027.