Orkla agrees to acquire bakery ingredients supplier Zeelandia Sweden

Published Date | 2019 April 16

Orkla has agreed to buys supplier of bakery ingredients in Sweden will help in expansion of their ingredient business which will influence the global bakery Ingredient market in the forecast period.
Global: Consumer goods supplier Orkla has entered into an agreement to purchase Zeelandia Sweden AB, a supplier of margarine, vegetable oils and bakery ingredients to the Swedish market. Zeelandia Sweden AB has most of its sales in Sweden, and exports to Finland, the Baltics and Norway. The company sells primarily to the bakery industry. Upon completion of the transaction, Zeelandia Sweden’s name will be changed to Credin Sverige and will be part of the Credin Group. The acquisition of Zeelandia Sweden AB is strategically right for strengthening Orkla’s position and production capabilities in their Nordic home markets in categories with which Orkla Food Ingredients is very familiar. According to BlueWeave Consulting, rapid urbanization coupled with steady increase in consumption of ready-to-eat foods and busy lifestyle and change in dietary habits, which in turn result in higher consumption of bakery products will fuel the bakery ingredients industry in upcoming years. Bakery ingredients are used in bakery products such as breads, cookies, biscuits, cakes, pizza, tarts, pies, pastries, donuts, and frozen baked products. Different bakery ingredients have their own benefits such Yeast as essential ingredient that makes the dough rise and gives home-baked bread its wonderful taste and aroma, Wheat includes all-purpose flour, bread flour and whole wheat flour, Milk, buttermilk, cream or juice are added to enhance the flavor or texture and Eggs add richness and protein. The benefit of ingredient baking is that usage of less oil, providing minerals and water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin-C, and vitamin-B are retained, and use partially hydrogenated oil to deep fry the food. Growing consumer demand for nutritional content in baked foods with low sugar, whole grain, and zero Trans-fat per serving will boost the global bakery ingredients industry in next few years. According to BlueWeave Consulting’s Upcoming report, Titled-“Global Bakery Ingredients Market, By Type (Enzymes, Starch, Fiber, Colors, Flavors, Emulsifiers, Antimicrobials, Fats, Dry Baking Mix, and Others),By Application (Bread, Cookies & Biscuits, Rolls & Pies, Cakes & Pastries, and Others), by Region; Size and Forecast, 2019-2025”- The global bakery Ingredients market is expected to grow with a significant rate during 2019-2025, owing to hanging consumer preference toward consumption of healthy products, growing wealth, and augmented per capita spending on value added products, and increasing penetration of products containing natural ingredients. Moreover, change in culture and routines of people in the developing nations and growth in demand for low trans-fat & gluten-free products are expected to increase the market growth. In addition, rapid rise in obesity rates and rise in fitness-related concerns have fueled the demand for healthy bakery food products. Furthermore, the shift in the conventional home cooked food to convenience foods has also increased the demand of these bakery ingredients in the emerging markets. Adoption of westernized lifestyle, double income families, emphasis on healthier lifestyles, greater nutrition awareness, and increase in disposable income are the major factors that are responsible for the growth in baked foods industry, which, in turn, will drive the demand for the bakery ingredients market. According to BlueWeave Consulting’s report, TitledGlobal Food Additive Market by Product Type (Acidity Regulators, Sweeteners, Colorants, Flavoring Agents, Emulsifiers, Food Preservatives, Anti-Caking Agents & Others), by Source (Natural & Synthetic), by Application (Bakery & Confectionery, Meat & Meat Products, Beverages, Dairy Products & Others), by Region; Size and Forecast, 2018-2025”- The global food additive market is expected to record a CAGR of 4.89% during 2018-2025 in terms of value. The market is expected to reach around USD 70 billion by 2025. This growth is driven by numerous reasons such as growing demand for processed and packaged food among consumers across the globe, coupled with technological innovation in the overall Food & Beverage industry. Moreover, Food Additive is witnessing tremendous growth due to factors as the need for convenience food like the packaged and processed food that are ready-to-cook and loaded with food additives to keep them fresh for a longer time. The demand for convenience food results for increasing disposable income and rapid urbanization in developing countries, like India & China materials.