Global Material Jetting 3D Printing Market is Forecast to Touch USD xx Billion by 20xx, Growing at a CAGR of xx% During 20xx to 20xx

Published | January 2021

According to BlueWeave Consulting, the  Global Material Jetting 3D Printing market has reached USD xx Million in 20xx and is further projected to reach USD xx billion by 20xx, growing at a CAGR of xx% during the forecast period.The topic of 3D printing has been popular for the last few recent years, but only a few must be aware of the fact that it’s an extension of “Additive Manufacturing”. The market is growing mainly due to the fact that their applications are largely being done in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Material jetting is one of the fast-paced and accurate 3D printing technologies present in the market, right now. It manufactures parts using liquid photopolymer droplets, which are made solid using UV light. As the photopolymer resin is sprayed in form of droplets before it’s solidified, Material Jetting is often compared to the 2D inkjet processes. Nonetheless, while inkjet printers fixate or deposit only a single layer of ink droplets, material jetting builds layer upon layer until the given part is finished.

Reduced manufacturing time and lesser resources

The major advantage that is seen in the industries with the introduction of the material jetting process is it makes the processes extremely less time taking(as compared to traditional methodologies). The reduced manufacturing has resulted in the production of processed materials to be produced at a higher speed rate, benefitting various sectors.

Accelerated utility in Biomedical technology

The material jetting has impacted the scene of biomedical technology very positively. As we know, most of the infections that take place are caused because of the presence of biofilms(Biofilms are a collective of one or more types of microorganisms that can grow on many different surfaces. Microorganisms that form biofilms include bacteria, fungi, and protists) on a medical device or surface(s). They tend to develop an immunity against antibiotics and hence it makes them difficult to eliminate entirely. The material jetting process allows the use of eradication of any biofilm, as it could work with precise morphology without getting the human to participate.

Limitation regarding the use of material


A particularly major restraint in the market of material jetting is the limitation of the materials available for use. Although being able to provide a higher degree of accuracy, only a few waxes and polymers could be used. Such as HDPE, PS, PC, HIPS, ADP, EDP, and Polypropylene.  The process of material jetting is a very complex process having various technical issues throughout. Then there are challenges like formulating the liquid material. And formulating and depositing the droplets. The given material needs to be converted from one form to another ( liquid to small discrete drops). Then, the controlling of droplet fall path, impact, and interaction or wetting must be carried out properly. All of this complexity leads to a cost increase of the overall process, therefore creating an undeniable growth obstruction for the material jetting market.

North America & Asia Pacific to hit the market at large shares

As per the recent analysis, it’s been witnessed that North America has hold of the largest share in the relevant market. due to the presence of the existing and rising number of high-tech industries like aerospace and defense, automobile manufacturers, healthcare companies, pharmaceuticals, etc. All of the mentioned sectors either actively use or has plans to use the material jetting technology. But as the industries are unfolding to grow more in countries like India and China; the growth in the Asia Pacific is highly expected to be seen in the forecast period.

The leading players” in the Global Material Jetting 3D Printing includes, 3D Systems Corporation, Arkema Inc., Envisiontec Inc., SABIC, Materialise NV., HP Inc., Eos GmbH, Electro-Optical Systems, PolyOne Corporation, Royal DSM N.V. and other prominent players are expanding their presence in the market by implementing various business strategies. 


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