Europe Cyber Security Market 1960

Europe Cyber Security Market 1960

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Europe Cyber Security Market by Security Types (Enterprises security, Network security, Application Security), by Solutions (threat management (UTM), Identity and access management (IAM), By Deployment Type (Cloud, On-premises), by Industry Vertical (BFSI, Public Sector and IT &Telecom), by Region (United Kingdom, Netherlands), Size and Forecast, 2018-2025

  • Published Date: September 2018
  • Report ID: BWC1960
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Report Overview

Europe Cyber Security Market Overview:

The Europe Cyber Security Market is expected to grow with a significant growth rate during the forecast period 2018-2025. The key factors to grow this market are to monitor, detect, report, and counter cyber threats to maintain data confidentiality, which are becoming vulnerable day by day, because of increasing digitization give easily accessibility for example Internet. In order to maintain data privacy, data confidentiality, cost utilization of business processes, cyber security would be prominent technology which can provide better solution through the application of Artificial Intelligence and software or big data analytics. Cyber Security, generally a broad collection of technologies, solutions, services, compliances, and risk management methods to protect organizational and users’ personal and professional data from cybercrimes. The adoption of cyber security solutions is expected to grow with the increasing penetration of internet among developing and developed countries.  Which has increased  the expanding wireless network for mobile devices has increased data vulnerability making cyber security an integral part of every single organization across the world. \

In era of digitalization, the government, public utilities, and enterprises are all now more showing dependency on the internet, wireless technologies, and cloud-based services for storing large volumes of data, instant processing, and retrieval of data. With the increase in this dependency on the internet over the years, cyber -attacks have increased extensively in the past few years, and have generated the need for unified cyber security solutions that support the enhanced enterprise mobility and strict data disclosure laws

The major driving factor for the cyber security market in Europe is increasing the strictness of government regulations and growing cyber threats over the globe. Also, Increase in cyber-attacks, and the popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation are designed to ensure privacy that includes encrypting personal data, governing over the management and use and protection of data are primary factors for growth of cyber security market. Furthermore, the rising threats of cyber-crimes all over the world, especially in Europe, have given new emerging domains which can prevent cyber-attacks,  such like are cloud security, rapid adoption of cloud computing, data center, and wireless communication which can boost the cyber security market in the forecast period. Growth of Cyber Security is led by to prevent the reaches and high profile data theft, owing to the absence of a robust defense system, several companies in the Europe. have fallen victim to intrusions, which have caused heavy business losses and theft of personal data which can be further related to national security of any country.

Europe Cyber Security Market: By Security Type

Enterprises Security: It is leading security type in Europe cyber security market. Enterprise security mainly activities involve protecting enterprises large and small from cyber-attacks through which they can monitor business units, personnel, executives and staff should work together to protect an organization’s digital assets, ensure data loss prevention  and protect the organization’s public reputation. Furthermore, an increase in number of cyber-attacks on small and medium organization is anticipated to boost demand for enterprise security solutions. Furthermore, increasing number of government regulations worldwide regarding data security & privacy. Hence mentioned factors will grow the Europe cyber security market in forecast period.

Network securityNetwork security includes security of multiple layers of defenses in the network and at the network. In era of digitalization, whole world is connected through network by which they delivering the services demanded by employees and customers and it is responsibility to protect access of networks is gained by authorized users, whereas, malicious actors are looking for trapping it. Hence mentioned drivers will grow the cyber security market of Europe in forecast period.

Application security: Application security involves whole security of apps which are regularly using by common people in which it is notable that since no app is created perfectly and in future it is possible for any application to comprise of vulnerabilities, or holes, that are used by attackers to enter your network. Hence, mentioned factors will lead growth of cyber security of Europe.

Europe Cyber Security market: By Solutions Type

Unified threat management (UTM): UTM is a collection of several network security tools like antivirus, anti-spyware, network firewall, intrusion detection, spam, and content filters etc., which have major key factors in cyber security are ease-of-deployment, ease-of-use, and its ability to integrate or bring together a host of critical security solutions” which can easily protect enterprises against different kinds of malware attacks and zero-day threats. Hence mentioned characteristics will grow the cyber security market in forecast period.

Identity and access management (IAM)Internet of Things (IoT), and mobility and remote workforce is forcing organizations to implement IAM solutions, which are also further keys driver for growth of cyber security markets in forecast period due to mentioned characteristics, it will be leading marketer in cyber security market of Europe cyber security.

Europe Cyber Security Market: By Deployment Type

Cloud: Organizations are transforming business over cloud aimed at providing access to information for in-house and cross-border operation to its employees. The adoption of this public cloud is accelerating at pace which will be vulnerable with time and this will grow the cyber security market over forecast period.

On-premises: On-premise solutions allow hands-on ownership and control of security monitoring which offers flexible and adaptive security program. These characteristics of on-premises will increase the cyber security market  over the forecast period.

Europe Cyber Security market: By Industry Vertical Type

BFSI: It will be leading industry in Europe for utilizing cyber security. BFSI is expected to emerge as a predominant sector as cyber-attacks in the banking sector has soared. The BFSI is among the backbone of economies, and its security is a matter of high concern and these major factors will drive the market cyber security market in forecast period.

IT & TelecomIt will fastest growing market in Europe cyber security market in forecast period. The IT & telecom segment will also witness high market share of over forecast period. Major driving forces for this are data breach of organizations, research and development activities, and financial.

Public sector: The growing threats and breaches, governments across all the geographic region are increasing its spending aimed to provide high cyber security infrastructure and its cyber security market will increase in forecast period.

Europe Cyber Security Market: By Country

United KingdomU.K. will be leading region of cyber security market. Due to presence of major cyber security providing companies, market of UK cyber security will grow in Europe region.

Netherlands: Netherlands will be second leading marketer of cyber security in forecast period. Due to presence of world’s 500 fortune companies, it will be fastest growing market of cyber security market in forecast period by which it can attract bigger and smaller enterprises for betterment of operational works.

Europe Cyber Security Market Analysis: Competitive Dynamics

Companies like Mimecast, KnowBe4, DFlabs, buguroo, secure-NOK, Cisco Systems Inc., Intel Corporation, Symantec Corporation, BAE Systems PLC, Fortinet Inc., Palo Alto Networks, Inc., Fire Eye Inc., Barracuda Networks Inc., International Business Machine (IBM) Corporation etc. are keys player in Europe Cyber Security market.

1.    Research Objective

1.1. Objective of the Study

1.2. Market Definition

1.3. Process Overview

1.4. Market Scope

1.4.1.   Market Segmentation by Security Types

1.4.2.   Market Segmentation by Solutions

1.4.3.   Market Segmentation by Deployment

1.4.4.   Market Segmentation by Industry Vertical

1.4.5.   Market Segmentation by Region

1.5. Analysis Period of the Study

1.6. Data Reporting Unit

1.7. Key Stakeholders

2.    Research Methodology

2.1. Research Methodology

2.2. Regional Split of Primary and Secondary Research

2.3. Secondary Research

2.4. Primary Research

2.2.1. Breakdown of Primary Research Respondents By Region By Industry Participants

2.3. Market Size Estimation

2.5. Assumptions for the Study

2.6. Market Breakdown and Data Triangulation

3.    Executive Summary

4.    Market Introduction

4.1. Introduction

4.1.1.   Overview by Security Types

4.1.2.   Overview by Solutions

4.1.3.   Overview by Deployment

4.1.4.   Overview by Industry Vertical

4.1.5.   Overview by Region

4.2. Value Chain Analysis

4.3. Market Dynamics

4.3.1.   Trends

4.3.2.   Drivers Impact analysis of Drivers

4.3.3.   Restraints Impact Analysis of Restraints

4.3.4.   Opportunities

4.4. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

4.4.1.   Bargaining Power of Supplier

4.4.2.   Bargaining Power of Buyers

4.4.3.   Threat of New Entrants

4.4.4.   Threat of Substitute

4.4.5.   Intensity of Rivalry

5.    Market Size and Forecast by Security Types

6.    Market Size and Forecast by Solutions

7.    Market Size and Forecast by Deployment

8.    Market Size and Forecast by Industry Vertical

9.    Market Size and Forecast by Country

9.1. United Kingdom

9.2. Netherlands

9.3. Others

10. Market Competitiveness

10.1.             Market Landscape

10.2.             Market Player Analysis

10.3.             Recent Activities of Major Players

10.3.1. Partnerships

10.3.2. Product Launch

10.3.3. Others

11. Company Profiles

11.1.             IBM                       

11.2.             Mimecast

11.3.             KnowBe4

11.4.             DFlabs

11.5.             secure-NOK

11.6.             Cisco Systems Inc

11.7.             F5 Networks

11.8.             Intel Corporation,

11.9.             Symantec Corporation

11.10.          BAE Systems PLC

11.11.          Barracuda Networks Inc.,

11.12.          Fire Eye Inc.,

11.13.          Palo Alto Networks Proofpoint

12. Appendix

12.1.             Abbreviations

Market Segmentation

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