Global 3d Printing Market Bwc19101

Global 3d Printing Market Bwc19101

Global 3D Printing Market, by Technology (Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), and Stereolithography (SLA), Electron Beam Melting (EBM), Digital Light Processing (DLP)), by Solutions (Hardware, Software, Services), by Applications (Automotive, Healthcare, Industrial, Consumer Electronics, Aerospace & Defense, and Others), by Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America); Size and Forecast, 2018-2025

  • Published Date: March 2019
  • Report ID: BWC19101
  • Available Format: PDF
  • Page: 115

Report Overview

Global 3D Printing Market: Overview

The Global 3D Printing market is expected to reach USD 31.7 billion in 2025 with a significant CAGR of 21.6% during the forecast period 2019-2025. 3D Printing is also known as additive manufacturing which is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. 3D printing is any processes in which material is joined or solidified with the help of computer technology to create a three-dimensional object. 3D printing enables you to produce complex (functional) shapes using less material than traditional manufacturing methods.

In the current scenario, 3D printing has been used in manufacturing and medical industry which facilitates 3D printing to become successful commercial technology. Speed, size, accuracy, durability, sustainability and ease of access are features of 3D printing over traditional manufacturing methods. Reduction of errors, decrease in manufacturing cost and time, and the demand of customized products in automobile, healthcare, and aerospace and defense industry are vital factors expected to encourage the growth of the global 3D Printing Market in the upcoming period. In addition, application of 3D printing in healthcare industry such as patient-centric approach in which it enabling customization of prosthetics and dentistry and with the help of bio-printing researches can print human-sized bones, cartilage, and muscles are other factors estimated to accelerate the growth of the market in the next few years.

Moreover, application of 3D printing in automotive industry for improving car performance, increasing fuel economy, prototyping, designing, and modeling structures will also fuel the growth of 3D Printing market in forecast period. Furthermore, investment and encouragement by various governments across the globe in 3D printing will contribute in the growth of 3D Printing market in the anticipated periods. Additionally, application of 3D printing in supply chain management such as the consumer order which will initiate make, deliver and return and in aerospace industry for jigs & fixtures, Surrogates and mounting brackets will augment the global 3D printing market over future timeline. Applications of 3D printing in direct digital manufacturing (DDM), advancements in printing techniques, increasing use of 3D printing in rapid prototyping and growing availability of improved printing materials are expected to spur the demand of 3D printing during the forecast period.

3D Printing Technology Type analysis

On the basis of Technology type, the 3D printing market has been segmented into Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), and Stereolithography (SLA), Electron Beam Melting (EBM) and Digital Light Processing (DLP). FDM dominates the global 3D printing owing to demand of FDM preference for personal and commercial use of FDM printers and it applications in various industries ranging from automotive to consumer goods.

Moreover, applications of FDM in material extrusion (EAM) techniques   which used for prototyping and rapid manufacturing and used as prototyping scaffolds for medical tissue engineering will boost the FDM market over forecast period. SLA is anticipated to fastest growing market due to  create models, prototypes, patterns, and production parts for a range of industries from engineering and product design to manufacturing, dental, jewelry, model making, and education. SLS will drive by properties of SLS as good, isotropic mechanical properties, which make them ideal for functional parts and prototypes and it does not require any support, so designs with complex geometries can be easily produced. EBM will fuel by its high tech form properties which uses an electron beam instead of a laser.

3D Printing Solution Type analysis

On the basis of Solution offering, the global 3D printing market has been segmented into Hardware, Software, and Services. By solution offerings, the service segment accounts for the largest share of the 3D printing market due to increase in the demand for custom design and manufacturing.  Moreover, with the advancement in the printing technology and materials, services sector is garnering significant growth as a source of profit generation, compared to printers and materials. Hardware segment will fuel by demand from various sectors such as healthcare), aerospace, and automotive. The software segment will drive by rise in demand of 3D printer and software type.

3D Printing Application Type analysis

On the basis of application, the global 3D printing market has been segmented into Automotive, Healthcare, Industrial, Consumer Electronics, Aerospace & Defense, and Others. By application type, Healthcare will lead market owing to use of 3D printing as to improving quality, provide more patient-centric approach by enabling customization of prosthetics and dentistry and help in  bio-printing of  human-sized bones, cartilage, and muscles. Moreover, applications of 3D printing in manufacturing of wide-ranging medical devices such as external prostheses, instrumentation, and implants will stimulate 3D printing market.

Additionally, R&D for manufacturing of living organs including, heart and liver will offer huge scope of 3D printing in healthcare sector. Automotive sector will augment by use of 3D printing such printing interior parts like gearbox handle, gears, engines, shafts, brakes, and spare parts and external parts such as doors, window frames, steering handle, body parts, head, and taillights. Consumer Electronics segment will drive by producing spare parts for electronics devices. Aerospace & Defense segment will influence by development of smaller parts in aircraft are using by 3D printing technique. Industry segment will fuel by development of customized products as per their requirement. Moreover, production of products as per their specification & requirements such as customized toys, shoes, decorative items, jewelry will demand of 3D printing.

Regional analysis of 3D Printing market

On the basis of region, the 3D Printing market has been segmental into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America. North America dominates the world 3D Printing market over the forecast period owing to huge demand of 3D printing techniques in automotive industry especially from USA, which is home place for giant automotive players. Moreover, rising awareness of 3D printing by various industries in healthcare, household and commercial sector will augment the demand of 3D printing market. Asia Pacific is projected to be the fastest growing market throughout the forecast period due to the government initiatives in Japan and China, huge demand in automotive, healthcare and electronics sector coupled with rapid urbanization. Europe will grow by additive manufacturing industry players which will need of 3D printing.

Objective of the Study:

·         To analyze and forecast market size of the world 3D Printing  market, in terms of Value

·         To examine the careful market segmentation and forecast the market size, in terms of Value, on the premise of region by segmenting world 3D Printing market into 5 regions, namely, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and geographical area.

·         To outline, categorized and forecast the world 3D Printing on the premise of technology, product kind and application.

·         To examine competitive developments like expansions, technological advancement, services, and regulative framework within the world 3D Printing market.

·         To pinpoint the drivers and challenges for world 3D Printing market

·         To spot the profile of leading players, that area unit concerned within the producing and provide off 3D Printing globally.

Global 3D Printing Market Competitive Landscape

Companies, such as, Stratasys , Solidscape, 3D Systems EOS GmbH, GE Additive , SLM Solutions , HP, and EnvisionTEC , Arcam AB, Autodesk, Inc., The ExOne Company, Hoganas AB, Optomec, Inc., Organovo Holdings, Inc., Ponoko Limited, , Concept Laser GmbH, , Voxeljet Technology GmbH, Materialise NV (ADR), Proto Labs Inc., Citim GmbH and Digital Mechanics Sweden AB are the key players in manufacturing 3D Printing . In terms of services offerings, Solidscape, Inc., Stratasys, Ltd., and EOS GmbH.are the major players in the market.

Key Target Audience:

·         Market research and consulting firms

·         Industry associations

·         Raw material suppliers

·         Global 3D Printing manufacturers

·         Research organizations and consulting companies

·         Global 3D Printing suppliers

·         Organizations, associations and alliances related to 3D Printing market

·         Regulatory bodies

Scope of the Report

By Technology-Type

·         Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM),

·         Selective Laser Sintering (SLS),

·         Stereolithography (SLA)

·         Electron Beam Melting (EBM)

·         Digital Light Processing (DLP)

By Solution

·         Hardware

·         Software

·         Services

By Application

·         Automotive

·         Healthcare

·         Industrial

·         Consumer Electronics

·         Aerospace & Defense

·         Others

In addition, the report provides analysis of the 3D Printing  market with respect to the following geographic segments:

  • North America
    • ·         U.S.

      ·         Canada

  • Europe
    • ·         Germany

      ·         UK.

      ·         Italy

      ·         France

      ·         Rest of Europe

  • Asia Pacific (APAC)
    • ·         China

      ·         India

      ·         Japan

      ·         Australia

      ·         South Korea

      ·         Indonesia

      ·         Rest of Asia Pacific

    • ·         Brazil

      ·         Argentina

      ·         Rest of Latin America

  • MEA
    • ·         Saudi Africa

      ·         UAE

      ·         Egypt

      ·         Rest of Middle-East

Business Questions answer by the report

·         How will the market drivers, restraints and opportunities affect the market dynamics?

·         What will be the market size in terms of value and volume and market statistics with detailed classification

·         Which segment dominates the market or region and one will be the fastest growing and why?

·         A comprehensive survey of the competitive landscape and the market participant players

·         Analysis of strategy adopted by the key player and their impact on other players.

Customization Scope for the Client

Client satisfaction is our first and last priority. And that’s why BlueWeave Consulting offers customization according to Company’s specific needs. The following customization options are available for the report:

Additional Company Information

·         With five additional company detail analysis.

·         Additional country analysis.

·         Detailed segment analysis.

1.    Research Framework

1.1. Research Objective

1.2. Product Overview

1.3. Market Segmentation

2.    Research Methodology

2.1. Qualitative Research

2.1.1.   Primary & Secondary Sources

2.2. Quantitative Research

2.2.1.   Primary & Secondary Sources

2.3. Breakdown of Primary Research Respondents, By Region

2.3.1.   Secondary Research

2.3.2.   Primary Research

2.4. Breakdown of Primary Research Respondents, By Industry Participants

2.5. Market Size Estimation

2.6. Assumption for the Study

2.7. Market Breakdown & Data Triangulation

3.    Executive Summary

4.    Industry Insights

4.1. Industry Value Chain Analysis

4.2. Industry Impact and Forces  

4.2.1.   Growth Drivers

4.2.2.   Restraints

4.3. Technological Landscape

4.4. Regulatory Framework

4.5. Strategic Outlook

4.6. Company market share analysis, 2018

4.7. Porter’s Five forces analysis

4.7.1.   Bargaining Power of Suppliers

4.7.2.   Bargaining Power of Buyers

4.7.3.   Threat of New Entrants

4.7.4.   Threat of Substitutes

4.7.5.   Intensity of Rivalry

4.8. PESTEL Analysis

5.    Global 3D Printing Market Overview

5.1. Market Size & Forecast 2015-2025

5.1.1.   By Value (USD)

5.2. Market Share & Forecast

5.2.1.    By Technology       Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)       Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)       Stereo lithography (SLA)       Electron Beam Melting (EBM)       Others (Digital Light Processing (DLP), Direct Metal Laser Sintering etc.)

5.2.2.   By Solutions       Hardware       Software       Services

5.2.3.   By Applications       Automotive       Healthcare       Consumer Electronics       Aerospace & Defense       Others (Jewelry, Manufacturing etc.)

5.2.4.   By Region       North America       Europe       Asia Pacific       Latin America       Middle East & Africa

6.    North America 3D Printing Market

6.1. Market estimates & forecast

6.1.1.   By Technology

6.1.2.   By Solutions

6.1.3.   By Application

6.1.4.   By Country       U.S       Canada

7.    Europe 3D Printing Market

7.1. Market estimates & forecast

7.1.1.   By Technology

7.1.2.   By Solutions

7.1.3.   By Application

7.1.4.   By Country       Germany       U.K       France       Italy       Rest of Europe

8.    Asia Pacific 3D Printing Market

8.1. Market estimates & forecast

8.1.1.   By Technology

8.1.2.   By Solutions

8.1.3.   By Application

8.1.4.   By Country       China       India       Japan       Australia       Rest of Asia Pacific

9.    Latin America 3D Printing Market

9.1. Market estimates & forecast

9.1.1.   By Technology

9.1.2.   By Solutions

9.1.3.   By Application

9.1.4.   By Country       Brazil       Argentina       Rest of LATAM

10. Middle East & Africa 3D Printing Market

10.1.             Market estimates & forecast

10.1.1. By Technology

10.1.2. By Solutions

10.1.3. By Application

10.1.4. By Country    Saudi Arabia    UAE    South Africa    Rest of MEA

11. Company Profile (Company Overview, Financial Matrix, Key Product landscape, Key Personnel, Key Competitors, Contact Address, SWOT Analysis and Strategic Outlook) *

11.1.             Stratasys

11.2.             3D Systems

11.3.             EOS GmbH

11.4.             GE Additive

11.5.             SLM Solutions

11.6.             HP

11.7.             EnvisionTEC

11.8.             Arcam AB,

11.9.             Autodesk, Inc.

11.10.The ExOne Company

11.11.Other Prominent Players

12. Strategic Recommendation


*Financial Details Not Be Captured in Case of Unlisted Companies

**The segmentation and the companies are subjected to modifications based on in-depth secondary for the final deliverable

Market Segmentation

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