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Global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Market, By Manufacturer (Captive & Merchant), By Synthesis (Synthetic, Chemical, Biotech, Plant Extracts, High-potency & Other), By Drug (Branded or Innovative, Generic Prescription & OTC (Over-the-counter), By Therapeutic (Anti-infective, Metabolic Disorders, Cardiovascular, Respiratory Drugs) By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America); Trend Analysis, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2015-2025

  • Published Date: September 2019
  • Report ID: BWC19271
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Report Overview

Global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market: Overview

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient is a substance used for the manufacturing of finished pharmaceutical product and designed to furnish pharmacological activity or have a direct effect on the mitigation, cure, diagnosis, and prevention of disease. In combination therapies combination of active pharmaceutical ingredient is used to treat different symptoms via a combination of various active pharmaceutical ingredients such as herbal medicines integrate with several substances for the pharmacological activity on the body.

A finished dosage form of any drug is the combination of active pharmaceutical ingredient and excipients; Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient is the active substances which help to deliver the medication and excipient is chemically inactive substances such as mineral oil. 

The manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredient is not a single step reaction from raw material. It involves several chemical compounds. The compound used in the manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical ingredient from raw material is known as Intermediate. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient has a significant effect on the efficacy of medications; accordingly, the quality of the active pharmaceutical ingredient is the core of effective and safe drug manufacturing. 

Global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market forecast and Trends

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market anticipated to reach US$ 257,891 Million by 2025 with a significant CAGR of 5.97% in the forecast period of 2015-25. This is due to increasing prevalence rate of cardiovascular and chronic diseases, hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), and rising demand for generic drugs & usage pattern of the biosimilar. 

Patent expiry of the blockbuster drugs, growing demand of generic medicine and rising expenses of healthcare coupled with the government initiatives are the key factors anticipated to contribute to the market growth of the generic segment in the active pharmaceutical industry. A lucrative number of patents for active pharmaceutical ingredients mainly in the oncology and other top therapeutic segment are anticipated to expire or lose patent protection in the forecast period. Due to this, it is estimated to unlock a significant market opportunity for the generic drug manufacturer and resulting in the expansion of the active pharmaceutical ingredient market in the forecast period of 2019-25.

Growth drivers 

Increasing adoption of generic medicine

Increasing adoption rate of generic medicine in the developing countries drive the global medical spending in generic drug segment. Emerging economies such as India and China, as manufacturers have sufficient manufacturing units, a higher spending power, and greater significance on transparent pricing by measuring effects on the population. In the case of drug manufacturing, mid-size manufacturing companies cannot fund the expenses of developing and marketing a new drug which is the key factor for shifting market trend towards generic drugs. In comparison with brand name analogue, the prices of generic drugs are cheaper with the same standards followed by innovator drug such as safety, efficacy, and quality which is the key factor for driving growth of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient market in the forecast period 2019-25.

Growing demand for CVD drugs

The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient market is getting a boost from the growing prevalence of cardiovascular, chronic, and infectious diseases coupled with the increasing trend of an unhealthy lifestyle and growing geriatric population. CVD is emerging as the lucrative therapeutic segment for innovative and generic drug manufacturing companies in terms of CVD drug consumption by end-users in the forecast duration.


Huge Investment and Increasing Competition 

The increasing rate of a small manufacturer in the field of niche APIs has resulted in a highly stiff competition across the globe. For the manufacturing companies, the main concern is production setup of active pharmaceutical ingredient, which required immense capital investment. The strict policy and reforms by different government authorities across the globe are also causing hindrance. Innovative advancement in the complex Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient coupled with monitory and manufacturing investment anticipated to hamper the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient market in the coming years.

Global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market: Synthesis Type

Based on the synthesis type the Active Pharmaceutical; Ingredient market segmented into synthetic, biotech (monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, vaccines, and others), plant extract, high potency, and classical fermented Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Availability of innovative drug and technology propel the biotech synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient segment in the global market.

Global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market: Therapeutic Area

Based on therapeutic area segmentation, the market is bifurcated into anti-infective, cardiovascular, oncology, respiratory, central nervous, and metabolic disorders drugs. Increasing prevalence of cardiovascular conditions, chronic and infectious diseases anticipated to witness the growth of oncology in the upcoming years.

Global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market: Drug Type

On the basis of drug type, the market is segmented into generic drug, OTC (over the counter) drug and branded drug. Increasing demand for the low cost of generic drug coupled with key therapeutic application segment the generic prescription market is anticipated to witness a lucrative growth rate in the coming years. Regulated policy and reforms by the United States to improve the affordability of healthcare is one of the key factor responsible for the boom of generic product in the market.

Global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market: Manufacturer Type

In terms of manufacturer type, the market is segmented into captive (In-house) manufacturer and merchant (contract) manufacturer. Due to the economic benefits and prevent technology leakage followed by the trend of maintaining Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Manufacturing with the integration in pharmaceutical supply chain propel the growth of captive (In-house) manufacturers in the forecast period.

Global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market: Regional insights

North America is anticipated to dominate the active pharmaceutical ingredient market over the forecast period of 2019-25. Advancement in technology and in-process R&D of innovative drug with the increasing incidence rate of diseases coupled with the prominent player in the region is the significant factor driving the growth of North American Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient market. Europe marked the significant growth in the global active pharmaceutical ingredient market backed by initiative enhancement within the region that provide balance in the development of generic drugs.

Active pharmaceutical ingredient Market: Competitive Landscape

Some of the major industry players are Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Pfizer Inc., Aurobindo Pharma, Abbott Laboratories, Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH, Merck & Co., Inc., Novartis AG, Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Bayer AG and Other Prominent Players

The objective of the Study:

To analyze and forecast the global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient market size of the market, in terms of value.

To examine the careful market segmentation and forecast the market size, in terms value, based on the region by segmenting the Global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient market into five regions, namely, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, South America and their leading countries.

To outline, categorized and forecast the global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient market based on the product type, application and end user.

To examine competitive developments like technological advancement, services, and regulative framework within the global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market.

To highlight the impact analysis of the factors, affecting the market dynamics such as drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges.

To strategically profile the key players and comprehensively analyze their market shares along with detailing the competitive landscape for market leaders.

Scope of the Report

By Manufacturer

·         Captive (In-house) API Manufacturing

·         Merchant (Contract) API Manufacturing

By API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) Type

·         Synthetic Chemical API

·         Biotech/Biological API

·         Plant Extracts API

·         High-potency API

·         Classical Fermentation API

By Drug

·         Branded or Innovative Prescription Drugs

·         Generic Prescription Drugs

·         over-the-counter (OTC) Drugs

·         Others

By Therapeutic Area

·         Anti-infective Drugs

·         Metabolic Disorders Drugs

·         Cardiovascular Drugs

·         Oncology Drugs

·         Central Nervous System Drugs

·         Respiratory Diseases Drugs

·         Other

By Region:

         North America


         Asia Pacific (APAC)

         Latin America

         Middle East & Africa

Business Questions answer by the report

         How will the market drivers, restraints and opportunities affect the market dynamics?

         What will be the market size in terms of value and volume and market statistics with a detailed classification?

         Which segment dominates the market or region and one will be the fastest growing and why?

         A comprehensive survey of the competitive landscape and the market participant players

         Analysis of strategy adopted by the key player and their impact on other players.

Customization Scope for the Client

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Additional Company Information

·         With five additional company detail analysis

·         Additional country analysis

·         Detailed segment analysis

1.    Research Framework

1.1. Research Objective

1.2. Product Overview

1.3. Market Segmentation

2.    Research Methodology

2.1. Qualitative Research

2.1.1.   Primary & Secondary Sources

2.2. Quantitative Research

2.2.1.   Primary & Secondary Sources

2.3. Breakdown of Primary Research Respondents, By Region

2.3.1.   Secondary Research

2.3.2.   Primary Research

2.4. Breakdown of Primary Research Respondents

2.5. Market Size Estimation

2.6. Assumption for the Study

2.7. Market Breakdown & Data Triangulation

3.    Executive Summary

4.    Global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Industry Insights

4.1. Industry Value Chain Analysis

4.1.1.   Vendor Matrix

4.2. DROC Analysis

4.2.1.   Growth Drivers

4.2.2.   Restraints

4.2.3.   Opportunities

4.2.4.   Challenges

4.3. Technological Landscape

4.4. Regulatory Framework

4.5. Company market share analysis,2018

4.6. Porter’s Five forces analysis

4.6.1.   Bargaining Power of Suppliers

4.6.2.   Bargaining Power of Buyers

4.6.3.   Threat of New Entrants

4.6.4.   Threat of Substitutes

4.6.5.   Intensity of Rivalry

4.7. PESTEL Analysis

4.8. Strategic Outlook

5.    Global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market Overview

5.1. Market Size & Forecast 2015-2025

5.1.1.   By Value (USD)

5.2. Market Share & Forecast

5.2.1.   By Manufacturer Type       Captive (In-House) Manufacturer       Merchant (Contract) Manufacturer

5.2.2.   By Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Type       Synthetic Chemical API       Biotech/Biological API       Plant Extracts API       High-potency API       Classical Fermentation API

5.2.3.   By Drug Type       Branded or Innovative Drug       Generic Prescription Drug       OTC (over the counter) Drug       Other Drug

5.2.4.   By Therapeutic Area       Anti-Infective Drug       Metabolic Disorders Drug       Cardiovascular Drug       Oncology Drug       Central Nervous System Drug       Respiratory Drug       Other Therapeutic Drug

5.2.5.   By Region       North America       Europe       Asia Pacific       Latin America       Middle East & Africa

6.    North America Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market

6.1. Key Regional Trends

6.2. Market estimates & forecast

6.2.1.   By Manufacturer Type

6.2.2.   By Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Type

6.2.3.   By Drug Type

6.2.4.   By Therapeutic Area

6.2.5.   By Country       U.S       Canada

7.    Europe Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market

7.1. Key Regional Trends

7.2. Market estimates & forecast

7.2.1.   By Manufacturer Type

7.2.2.   By Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Type

7.2.3.   By Drug Type

7.2.4.   By Therapeutic Area

7.2.5.   By Country       Germany       U.K       France       Italy       Rest of Europe

8.    Asia Pacific Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market

8.1. Key Regional Trends

8.2. Market estimates & forecast

8.2.1.   By Manufacturer Type

8.2.2.   By Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Type

8.2.3.   By Drug Type

8.2.4.   By Therapeutic Area

8.2.5.   By Country       China       India       Japan       Rest of APAC

9.    Latin America Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market

9.1. Key Regional Trends

9.2. Market estimates & forecast

9.2.1.   By Manufacturer Type

9.2.2.   By Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Type

9.2.3.   By Drug Type

9.2.4.   By Therapeutic Area

9.2.5.   By Country       Brazil       Argentina       Rest of Latin America

10. Middle East & Africa Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market

10.1.             Key Regional Trends

10.2.             Market estimates & forecast

10.2.1. By Manufacturer Type

10.2.2. By Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Type

10.2.3. By Drug Type

10.2.4. By Therapeutic Area

10.2.5. By Country    Saudi Arabia    UAE    South Africa    Rest of MEA

11. Company Profile (Company Overview, Financial Matrix, Key Product landscape, Key Personnel, Key Competitors, Contact Address, and Strategic Outlook)*

11.1.             Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

11.2.             Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH

11.3.             Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

11.4.             Pfizer Inc.

11.5.             Aurobindo Pharma

11.6.             Abbott Laboratories

11.7.             Merck & Co., Inc.

11.8.             Novartis AG

11.9.             Hoffmann-La Roche Ltdss

11.10.          Bayer AG

11.11.          Other Prominent Players


*Financial Details Not Be Captured in Case of Unlisted Companies

**The segmentation and the companies 

Market Segmentation

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