Medical Devices

Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) is a medical illness in which the blood arteries become narrower, reducing the adequate flow of blood in the body. Except for the heart and brain vessels, peripheral vascular illnesses induce blockage or constriction of blood veins in the neck, arms, legs, or stomach.

During diagnostic examinations, medical cooling systems are utilized to minimize the excess heat generated by medical equipment. By doing so, the systems are able to extend the life of imaging equipment and contribute to the purpose of providing high-quality patient care.

Electrophysiology is a biomedical field that studies the electric activity in the body. Electrophysiology devices are instruments or tools used to diagnose and treat medical conditions related to the heart such as atrial and ventricular fibrillation, tachycardia, etc.

Patient Monitoring Devices are used to measure, distribute, record, and display combinations of biometric values such as temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate, among others.

The delivery devices majorly used in minimally invasive applications are called microcatheters. These devices are used majorly in both the medical device and healthcare industries. Micro-catheters are utilized to reach the body's tiny, microscopic blood vessels.

A medical device is an instrument or equipment that is used to diagnose, treat, and cure various diseases and disorders. These devices focus on physical and mechanical actions and do not have anything to do with chemical effects or the internal body. CT scanners, x-ray machines, infusion pumps, medical lasers are some of the most commonly used medical devices.

All medical therapies aimed at enhancing patient's cosmetic appearance are classified as medical aesthetics. Plastic surgery and beauty industry combines together to form medical aesthetics. Medical aesthetics is a specialized, licensed profession.

A medical oxygen concentrator acts as a healthcare device for providing oxygen to patients suffering from respiratory disorders and related ailments. The medical oxygen concentrator comes equipped with sieve beds and filters that help in bisecting the nitrogen and oxygen from the air present in the surroundings, thereby eradicating the nitrogen constituents.