Synthetic Biology Market Bwc20052

Synthetic Biology Market Bwc20052

Synthetic Biology Market by Tools (Oligonucleotides, Enzymes, Synthetic Cells), by Technology (Gene Synthesis, Bioinformatics), by Application (Tissue Regeneration, Biofuel, Renewable Energy, Food & Agriculture, Bioremediation) - Global Forecast to 2025

  • Published Date: April 2020
  • Report ID: BWC20052
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Report Overview

Market Forecast and Trends:

The Global Market of Synthetic Biology is estimated to reach USD 26.9 billion in 2026 while it stood at USD 7.0 billion in 2019 with an expected growth of more than CAGR of 21%.

Report of International Diabetes Research Federation show that only in North America, there are about 47 millions of adults aged between 20-30 are suffering from diabetes, which possesses about 16% of worldwide diabetic cases in young age. Similarly cancer is the second most cause of death worldwide. Thus Synthetic Biology provides a great platform for future medicines in the fight of diabetes and cancer which propel the demand of Synthetic Biology in the near future.

Increasing investments by the Government and Private sector in the field of research and development of biotechnology, growing demand of genetically modified plants, increasing demand in alternate fuels such as biofuels are also expected to propel the market growth.


Synthetic Biology Market: Overview

Synthetic Biology is a part of modern science in which several disciplines from biology and engineering are brought together mainly in the field of Biotechnology, molecular engineering to build an improved genetic structure of organism i for useful purpose by providing them new abilities, such as sensing something in environment, cleaning pollutants from water and many more.

 Synthetic Biology also helps in modification of genes of agricultural plants such as rice, wheats etc. for the production of better quality and large volume of grains in small area of land. It also helps plant to gain new abilities like when rice plant is modified with technology, it is able to produce beta-carotene which is very helpful in treatment of Vitamin A deficiency which causes blindness in 200,000-400,00 children every year globally.

Genome engineering advancement such as DNA Synthesis technology will reduce cancer risk and drive the growth of synthetic biology market.


Synthetic Biology Market: By Tools

The market, on the basis of tools, is segmented into oligonucleotides and synthetic DNA, enzymes, synthetic cells, chassis organisms, xeno-nucleic acid and cloning and assembly technology kits. Rising demand of synthetic DNA, and RNA, which are used in wide array of research applications, contributes in the largest share of oligonucleotides and synthetic DNA in the market followed by enzymes.

Chassis organisms are widely used to fulfill industrial bio production through metabolism engineering.

Chemically treated Xeno-nucleic acids help to understand the possiblityof heredity through genetic information.

Cloning and assembly technology is used to detect and remove the genetic disorder like breaking of DNA structure.


Synthetic Biology Market: By Technology

Synthetic biotechnology involves manipulation of amino acids into proteins, protein modification using synthetic compounds, DNA Synthesis which involves production of improved products across the industries like medicine, environment and energy. It is segregated mainly into Gene Synthesis and Bioinformatics.

Gene Synthesis technology is widely used in the construction and assembly ofnew genes from nucleotides. Using this technique, artificial DNA sequence can be generated in the laborites without the help of any living cells. Bioinformatics technology is used in integration of design, build and test stages biological engineering cycle. It includes selection, synthesis, assembly and system.


Synthetic Biology Market: By Application

Synthetic Biology is segmented into environmental, medical, industrial, and food & agricultural applications. Medical applications share the largest share of market followed by the Industrial applications. Extensive research and huge investment for better treatments are the primary driver of Medical Application segment. Biorefinery is an environment friendly approach in the chemical based industry to convert chemical materials into renewal source of energy. Synthetic rubber is derived from petroleum based products for rubber industry. Similarly, OPXBIO, an advance acrylic product used in paints to make it more durable and odor free. Uses of microorganism or enzymes are old-age process in food processing. With the advancement of technology, wide range of enzymes are being developed and widely used in food industry to improve taste and texture. They also offer huge economic benefits to the industry. Several antimicrobial agents are also used in food packaging.

Development of nanotechnology has appeared as game changer agent for plant growth, fertilizers and pesticides. This treatment also involves in the production of genetically strong plants that are resistant to bacteria, fungus and produce large volume of grains. Tissue regeneration technology is widely used in treatment of body like repair or replacement of whole tissue or a portion of skin, blood vessels, cartilage etc.

Synthetic Biology Market: By Region

Synthetic biology market is led by the North America in terms of revenue generated followed by Europe. North America will lead the market through the forecast period due to constant support from government and private organizations, establishment of small start-ups and increasing demand of gene synthesis to provide a better heredity. Due to increasing population resulting in increasing patients of geriatric diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis etc, Asia-Pacific region is next hot market for the Synthetic Biology. Lots of multinational companies are investing in the biotechnology field and increasing awareness of science is expected to boost Asia-Pacific region. This market is segmented into  North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific region and Rest of World category in terms of market share and revenue generation.

Synthetic Biology Market: Key Players

Most prominent players in this market was Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. by (US) by the end of 2019. It provides varied range of biosynthetic products which include DNA Fragments, engineering kits and software.The company shares around 30% of market share in this field. Merck KGaA (Germany), Novozymes A/S (Denmark),  Agilent Technologies, Inc. (US), Ginkgo Bioworks (US), Amyris, Inc. (US), Intrexon Corporation (US), GenScript Biotech Corporation (China) are other major key players in this field.

Recent development by the Industries

Ø  In March 2020, Zymergen, one of the world’s foremost science and material innovation company has acquired enEvolv spreading its wing in the field of ultra-high microbial screening and engineering.

Ø  In 2019, Atlantic Power acquired AltaGas Power to increase its production of Biomass.

Ø  In 2019, Amyris, Inc. (US) launched the PURECANE Brand Sweetener.

Ø  Jacobs, leading service provider in NASA space program, has invested in USD 3.3 billion in the field of aerospace, technology and nuclear energy.


Synthetic Biology Market: Report Objective

Ø  Detail analysis of current market and future market trends to provide clear view of market.

Ø  Detail analysis of top key player companies and their strategies.

Ø  Detail study of Synthetic Biology accordance with region

Ø  Comprehensive study of recent developments in the field of Synthetic Biology.


Scope of the report

Ø  By Tools

·         Oligonucleotides

·         Enzymes

·         Synthetic Cells

Ø  By Technology

·         Gene Synthesis

·         Bioinformatics

Ø  By Application

·         Tissue Regeneration

·         Biofuel

·         Renewable Energy

·         Food & Agriculture

·         Bioremediation

Ø  By Region

·         North America

·         Europe

·         Asia Pacific

·         Rest of World (Row).


Market Segmentation

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